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Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. (EMWW) operations are conducted via its wholly owned subsidiary, Extreme Mobile Coatings Inc. that was founded in2007. EMWW provides special painting and coating for diverse and various fields that reduce or extremely lessen microbe levels on any surface.


Microbes are found everywhere and EMWW has created a special coating to prevent microbe buildup with EMWW’s “Extreme Protect” powder coating technique. This technique effectively coats any surface with a clear polymer plastic coating available in various colors to match and become “invisible” to the eye. EMWW’s coating contains antimicrobial agents, specifically an ingredient called OxiTitan, which kills everyday germs associated with ordinary light and protects against UV (Ultra Violet) degradation, reduces odors and corrosion. Most importantly, this antimicrobial agent is non-toxic, transparent, and eco-friendly!


EMWW’s Extreme Protect is ideal for use in hospitals, fast food operations, nursing homes, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics or any field where sanitation and sterilization is a priority. EMWW’s product differentiates itself from other disinfectants and sterilizers because EMWW’s coating provides 24/7 protection for all 365 days of the year by forming a semi-permanent bond onto the surface area that can only be removed with extreme friction, peeling, abrasion, sanding, or high solution bleach. EMWW provides this microbe protection to any facility as an on-site mobile business in which EMWW is currently operating in Nicholasville, Kentucky.


Website www.extrememobilecoating.com

Why does SR&R anticipates EMWW will be a successful play?

– Powder Coating is a surface finishing technique that has rapidly grown and adapted by automotive, appliance, and architectural industries over the past few years because of all the antimicrobial benefits it offers. In 2010, the global demand for powder coating amounted to approximately $5.8 billion

– The Powder Coating market accounts for approximately 6% of the worldwide coating market and is expected to grow at an annual growth of 6% from 2012-2018 as more and more industries are adapting to this technique to prolong the life of their products. Currently exploring the powder coating market is the multi-billion dollar IT and Telecommunications industr

– Powder Coating has currently replaced the porcelain enamel found in washer and dryer parts and is highly beneficial for the front and side panels of refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, dishwasher racks, and the cavities of microwave ovens. In addition, powder coating is found in our automotives on the bumpers, wheels, hubcaps, door handles, radiators, filters, and other various engine and automotive parts. Automotive brands such as BMW and Volvo have adapted this coating onto their new model cars.

– The powder coating technique is often chosen because of the durability, scratch resistance, gloss retention, weather ability, unlimited range of color and surface texture finishes. Powder coating finishes are found on almost all everyday use items such as golf clubs, bicycles, shelves, light fixtures, snow blowers, barbeque grills, patio furniture, baby strollers, cribs, toys etc. All these items benefit from a powder coating finish with more and more items being added to the list.

– In addition to Extreme Protect, EMWW’s product is also beneficial to Marine vessels. EMWW’s Marine Vessel Hull Protection Coating protects marine vessels from having barnacle accumulation and attachment.

EMWW’s coating usage varies beyond normal hospital and school usage, but is also ideal for architectural and construction use where EMWW’s coating can be glow in the dark, anti-slip needed for textured floors, guard rails, and has moisture prevention as well. EMWW’s Extreme Protect has a hydrophilic effect that will form a “water sheet” where moisture will not become “dots” and allow dirt and bacteria to penetrate surfaces, often causing corrosion.


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