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“Remove before wearing, Remove after purchase, or Remove before wash” are all commonly seen tags in the lining of a newly purchased item; have you ever wondered what the purposes of these tags are for? Or what those squares within a square sticker on the back of a CD or DVD cases are for? Or that adhesive white rectangle label on the back of an over-the-counter medicine?

These “source tags” are meant to be placed for the effective safety of deterring these items from theft and retail shrinkage which refers to the reduction of inventory due to employee theft, shoplifting, paperwork errors or supplier fraud. Source tagging is found in a broad variety of items such as apparel, accessories, electronics, multimedia, sporting goods, groceries, pharmaceuticals and other general merchandise.

KMA Global Solutions International Inc. (KMAG) is a Canada based company founded in 1996 and since then has been involved in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) industry by manufacturing and supplying source tags for retailers, packing, and manufacturing companies. KMAG achieves this by providing KMAG’s NEXTag and DUALTag solutions which come in various forms depending on the product the security is intended for. NEXTtag is divided into two EAS categories for either Acusto-Magnetic technology (AM) or Swept Radio Frequency (RF), both being sew on labels.

KMAG’s EAS solutions are cost effective and are available for installment in jeans, handbags, garments, and home fashion applications. KMAG will also provide customized tagging for clients with specific needs, information, or specific material upon request. In addition, KMAG also provides the EAS industry with grocery tags, hang tag and wrap tags which are ideal for footwear or electrical cords.

In addition, KMAG has joined forces with PI Innovations to develop a line of products and technology for the Baggage handling industry. KMAG’s newly created baggage tag is available to sustain up to 200lbs. and provide tracking while the baggage is in third party hands.


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