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LGBS Legends Business Group

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LGBS Legends Business Group


Symbol:                                      LGBS


Outstanding Shares:          1.2B

Float:                           1.2B (127M)


Legends Business Group Inc. (LGBS) is a Miami Beach, Florida based Sustainable Energy Company, founded in 2006, which focuses on the acquisition, exploration, and development of alternative energy companies.


LGBS’s mission is to seek, evaluate, and acquire exotic and alternative energy technologies that include wind, solar, and biomass energy sources. Subsequently, LGBS products include various self-sustaining energy sources such as wind turbines and solar energy system. Additionally, LGBS current developments also include ultra-efficient alternative energy power magnifiers, ultra efficient power boosters, and storage regenerators.  Among these developments, some of LGBS’s technologies include a Portable Solar iPhone Charger Booster and a mobile solar power station with the capability to recharge the batteries of other portable electronic devices that include iPods, iTouch, Bluetooth devices, PDAs, and GPS devices as well.


LGBS is further developing its technologies as LGBS has currently acquired exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute a new type of Battery Charging Device and Multi-Function Charger Controller. LGBS’s latest acquired technology will detect and charge sealed lead acid or lead acid batteries through Alternating Current (AC) or Solar input and will be capable of automatically adjusting for voltages of 12,24,36, and 48 Voltage Direct Current (VDC).  Moreover, LGBS’s technology will also transmit to a terminal session established on a computer, real time charging information via a standard onboard serial port. This newly acquired technology will set LGBS apart as other current conventional chargers tend to only use one method and one direction while LGBS’s Multi-Function Charger Controller will continuously adjust both digitally ad thermally throughout the charging cycle. As a result, more energy will be stored along with a higher resting voltage that will prolong battery life.


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