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NAGP Native American Energy Group

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NAGP Native American Energy Group


Symbol:      NAGP .pk



Outstanding Shares:  35.3M

Float:   6.9M


Native American Energy Group Inc. (NAGP) is a Forest Hills, New York based management and development company who engage in the acquisition, management, exploration, and development of energy resources within Native American land located across the U.S, primarily in the West.

Within the 50 million acres in the West, also known as “Indian Country”, NAGP is currently operating, developing, and producing oil and gas on 564 federally acknowledged tribal reservations as NAGP holds a Nationwide Oil and Gas Bond, given by the U.S Department of the Interior, since 2005. Similarly, NAGP also received approval from the Board of Oil and Gas Conservation, of the Montana Department of Natural Resources, for unlimited drilling and acquiring of oil and gas wells, or for stratigraphic purposes as NAGP sees fit. For this reason, NAGP has to date acquired an estimated 3,000 acres throughout the state of Montana and in the highest-producing onshore field found among the lower 48 states in the past 56 years known as the Bakken formation. Aside from oil exploration in Montana, NAGP is further involved in the exploration of methane gas in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska, overseen by NAGP’s subsidiary NAGP Alaska Corp., which is highly known to have significant amounts of coal reserves and is currently operating within 840 acres of this region. NAGP was issued the first coal bed methane gas drilling permit in the area.

Furthermore, NAGP’s exploration of energy resources also includes highly advanced vertical axis wind turbine energy systems, created by Windaus Energy, that has the capability of producing electricity and power from any direction the wind is directing. Subsequently, NAGP holds exclusive technology, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales rights for the U.S market. With this in mind, NAGP intends to engage in various segments of wind power generation including the construction of wind farms jointly owned by Native American Indian communities and single unit distribution for individual homeowners, various institutions, government buildings, military facilities etc.

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