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RHCO Readen Holding

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A Venture Capital Organization


Symbol:                                            RHCO .pk



Outstanding Shares:                  150.3M

Float:                                                      23.8M


Readen Holding Corp. (RHCO) is a Hartford, Connecticut based Venture Capital Organization, founded in 1953, engaging in the telecommunication, online music and video, food, real estate and recycling industries through multiple international subsidiaries based in Hilversum, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Paris, France, Shenzhen and Xiamen, China.


RHCO engages in the $890 global telecommunications industry through RHCO’s wholly owned subsidiaries, MOHO Telecom LTD, D5 Mobile B.V., D5 Mobile France SARL, YOHO Mobile B.V, and YOHO Telecom LTD that distribute a broad range of mobile phones and services to European users. All of RHCO’s subsidiaries work together to provide RHCO the ability to design, develop, produce, and market a wide range of mobile and prepaid phones and services for branded phones that include Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. Additionally, RHCO recently expanded their line of mobile phones with the launch of three new models wherefore two of these models are Android 4.0 based smartphones. In addition, RHCO’s subsidiary divisions are able to market and sell various pre-paid labels, vouchers, sim cards, and international calling cards. For this reason, one of RHCO’s subsidiary divisions recently signed a contract with one of the world’s largest pre-paid telecom suppliers, Lebara Group. With the distribution of these mobile phones, RHCO also provides an additional service, through RHCO’s On-Mix Music label, for the distribution of online music store and video content for mobile and smartphone devices.


Furthermore, RHCO is providing the Chinese, Portuguese, and Holland market with the production and distribution of various infant milk formulas to meet the nutritional needs a baby requires. In contrast, RHCO is newly engaged in the European and Asian Real Estate industry with RHCO’s recent acquisition of a Netherland company, Beemster Vastgoed.


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