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STEV Stevia Corp


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STEVia Corp. (STEV) is a farm management company based in Indianapolis, Indiana who provides agricultural consultation and solutions, post-harvest techniques, plant breeding and other various farming services to contract and industry growers.


STEV’s primary expertise is to efficiently maximize the development and production of STEVia, a perennial plant that can be used as a sweetener or sugar substitute with zero calories and has the capability of being three-hundred times as sweeter than the average table sugar. Recent stevia adopters include some of the top brand beverage names such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Target, Lipton, Starbucks and Kraft.


The availability of this natural sweetener varies throughout countries; however, STEV has current research and development teams located in the U.S., Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia with operating farms in Vietnam and Indonesia.  To assist STEV’s three active nursery fields in Vietnam, STEV has recently obtained exclusive distribution rights of a patented cultivation technology called Micro Suspension Technology that greatly assists in the stevia crop production and will maximize both plant yield and quality. In addition, STEV has engaged into agreement with a Singapore farm management company, Growers Synergy, to supervise STEV’s operation in Vietnam and provide recommendations for the stevia cultivation.


STEV mission is to become the global leader and preferred agricultural partner from all global stevia growers. This all natural sweetener is expected to replace 20% of the yearly $50 billion sweetener market worldwide. Thus, far, STEV is currently the ONLY company that can deliver agricultural solutions for current and prospective STEVia growers and already provides their stevia products across 35 countries varying in 38 categories.


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