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Rethinking Energy Stocks in 2013

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Energy Stocks

Energy Stocks Are Your Safe Haven

With the condition of the market uncertain from day to day, many investors are finding refuge in energy stocks. There is a promise in these financial instruments that many assets lack today. Investors do not know much about the future but they know that the world will need energy. Therefore, buying shares in energy companies seems to make more sense than any other financial move right now.

There is an attractive amount of excitement in this sector of the market. An energy revolution is underway as some nations begin to drink more deeply from the world’s traditional reserves of oil, gas and coal while certain countries investigate wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. Even the companies that extract the traditional sources for energy are developing to meet future needs, discovering newer reservoirs and innovating improvements to efficiency. For example, cleaner coal-burning has given this old resource a face lift.

Three Energy Stocks for Today

Here are three of the hottest energy stocks on the market today.

• Exxon

This old favorite has been posting huge profits over the last decade. With gas prices up at the pump, you can remove the sting of filling your gas tank by taking part in the incredible earnings and dividends that you can gain with this stock in your portfolio.

• Enlight

This corporation is in the renewable sector. Their companies make both solar and wind power. Enlight is much cheaper than some other stocks but it has spiked in value recently.

• Anadarko Petroleum

The name is not so well known but this company is just third behind Exxon when it comes to producing natural gas.

Investing in energy stocks is a way of investing in the future. You cannot say the same for all the investments in your portfolio.

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