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Here Are The Best Stocks for 2012

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How the Best Stocks for 2012 will Help You Have Your Best Year

Best STocks For 2012

Choosing the best stocks for 2012 can make your life a lot easier and your portfolio a lot more profitable. Investors can suffer for two basic reasons; they either trade too often, missing opportunities with stocks that surge after they sell them, or they hold on to stocks that never improve their performance for too long. Every investor’s dream is to find the best stocks for 2012 or any other year and just sit back and let the money come rolling in as these investments demonstrate superior performance.

Some of the Best Stocks for 2012

Here are some of the stocks that could make your trading work a lot easier. They are not in any particular order.

•             Turkcell

Wireless communications continue to increase in popularity and in general ubiquity. Turkcell is a leader in that industry and its stock performance shows that. Its current return on the year is 8%.

•             Capital One

The current year’s return for this stock is an amazing 28%. Credit services are a leading edge of the new economy. The demand for credit cards increases as does their ability to generate incredibly high revenue levels. This creates the kind of investor confidence that turns into high stock values.

•             Hershey

No matter how the economy is doing, people still seem to love chocolate. Investors love Hershey’s approach to business as well and have turned it into one of the best stocks for 2012. This stock has returned 17% on the year. While the economy may be dragging in many areas, certain purchases seem to stay regular or even increase.

•             Fed Ex

Delivery services are also doing well as more and more people move away from doing business through the USPS. With a 9% return so far, Fed Ex appears to be another one of the best stocks for 2012.

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