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A New Stock Market Investor Guide

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Are You a New Stock Market Investor?

Stock Market InvestorYour first day as a stock market investor will be disconcerting. You may be tempted to do some things that you will regret later. Things move pretty fast and new investors can easily get carried away by the rush that they feel as they throw money around. This is a good way to end up broke. Keep a few common sense tips in mind as you begin your career as an investor so that you can avoid burning out or giving up.

New Stock Market Investor Tips

•             Start Small

Invest small amounts in stocks. At the beginning, you should keep most of your money in bonds and other conservative investments. As you learn the ropes, you can begin to make incremental increases in the amount of money that you risk in stocks and commodities.

•             Diversify Your Portfolio

Invest in a variety of stocks, commodities, futures and bonds. Feel free to put an alternative investment in your portfolio. This variety protects a stock market investor from catastrophic loss. Investing in index funds is an easy way to diversify. These funds spread your investment through a number of stocks representing the same sector of the economy.

•             Get a Good Broker

Take the time to find a broker that will work for you. Generally, it is best to find a broker that has low commission fees. However, if you are going to keep trades to a minimum, then commission fees may not be as important as other features of a broker, such as minimum purchase sizes.

•             Research

Depend on your own research to make decisions. It is a mistake to invest based on what someone else tells you. As a stock market investor, you will have to become accustomed to counting on your own wisdom to guide you through these decisions.

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