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How To Buy Silver Bullion

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Buy Silver BullionAs fall begins, many investors quickly buy silver bullion and other precious metals while it is at a low price and wait until the shares begin to climb in the late winter to sell for higher gains. What started as solely a precious metal has now become a huge component to improving our quality of life. Silver serves many uses, beyond just making it into jewelry. This commodity has an assortment of industrial and commercial uses as well, which sometimes makes it much more appealing than investing in gold. There are many benefits to buying silver bullion, but there are also many aspects that you should be aware of before you jump in and start investing. Here, we’ll go over some of the basics in silver bullion and tips for when you are ready to buy!

Why Would You Buy Silver Bullion?

Besides the many uses that silver has, there is something extremely appealing to many of you out there about physically owning an asset. Rather than just investing in silver through exchange traded funds (ETFs) like you can do with gold bullion, buying silver bullion gives you physical ownership over the bars or ingots, or rounded coins. Not only is it a great way to hedge against inflation and financial turmoil, but it also does wonders for your portfolio. If you buy silver bullion, you are adding real, tangible assets to your portfolio. In addition to diversifying your portfolio, buying silver bullion can reduce your portfolio’s volatility and lower the overall risk involved. If your goal for the remaining year is to diversify your portfolio, buy silver bullion and welcome some physical assets into your collection.

When You Buy Silver Bullion…

This advice may sound somewhat repetitive, but with any investment, you must take the time to do the research. There are a lot of people who claim to be “dealers” who are just looking to scam you and steal your money. There are plenty of credible sites that you can locate authorized dealers and major banks that sell silver bullion. You can even utilize the Federal U.S Mint to research information, pricing and purchase silver bullion.

Here are some things to consider when you are looking to buy silver bullion. Firstly, silver bullion differs from silver as a commodity being silver bullion’s price is reflected by weight and quantity. They are NOT the same as the rare silver collector coins some private dealers offer. Silver bullion is strictly weight and quantity while additional value can be added onto rare silver coins.

Here are 5 Tips to Follow When Thinking of Buying Silver Bullion:

  1. Always shop around to make sure you are able to purchase the silver bullion with minimal markup.
  2. Avoid buying bullion that refuses to deliver to you, stating “it’s in a secured facility” Most of the time, there is no silver bullion or the quality and other factors are compromised.
  3. Always ask for the coin’s melt value.
  4. Get an independent appraisal for any silver bullion you are definitely considering, as the seller may be trying to use inflated rates.
  5. Remember that when purchasing physical precious metals, there are other expenses involved that can cut your actual investment potential. Do you have somewhere secure to store the silver bullion? Do you need to buy insurance?

Different Ways to Buy Silver

There are many different ways investors can buy silver, though buying silver bullion is usually the most profitable. Rather than being at the mercy of silver ETF and the volatility of the other markets, physically purchasing silver bullion allows you to avoid price decay, which is common in futures and options. When you buy silver bullion you have more potential to actually profit over time, in addition to the convenience of easily purchasing it.

As we said before, its always important to remember to buy silver bullion only from trusted sources. There are dozens of companies that sell silver bullion over the Internet. However, an investor looking to buy silver bullion over the Internet would be wise to make sure the company they are considering buying silver bullion through is legitimate. For those who would rather see the silver bullion coins in person before buying, a local coin shop should have silver bullion coins available for examination. An investor should expect to pay a slight premium for buying silver bullion coins from a local coin shop. Another option for to buy silver bullion coins is the United States Mint, which sells the one troy ounce United States government issued American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin directly to the public.

As governments around the world look for ways to solve their crushing debt burdens by diluting their currencies, buying silver bullion to hold physical silver is worth considering, as part of a diversified investment strategy.

How about you? Do you have any silver bullion investments in your portfolio? What are you waiting for?

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