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Tips About Cotton Futures for 2012

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How Are Cotton Futures Doing?

Cotton FuturesThe value of cotton futures has seemingly been on a roller coaster ride lately. This commodity reached historical highs in 2010 but the following year was not so good. Many have high hopes for the value of cotton this year. However, a commodity does not have to increase in value in order to serve as a valuable futures investment. The most important thing is to know when to buy and when to sell.


Cotton Futures for 2012


The biggest news for cotton futures this year is the warning from India about diseased crops. This country is usually the world’s second-largest producer of cotton. This will almost certainly raise prices as will increased demand from textile mills. Even with production lagging, demand in China is still rising at a rapid rate. In addition to these concerns, there is the possibility of drought affecting the US crop.

These things may sound like bad news to consumers but it is potentially very good news for traders. Futures values have already risen a considerable amount for this year. There may be perfect junctures for getting into cotton futures very soon. As always with futures, timing is the key to making a profit from these investments.

There are other factors that will also affect cotton prices this year. Besides natural disasters or unforeseen policy changes, there are also routine and necessary alterations to planting schedules. For example, farmers must rotate their crops to maintain good soil conditions for future years. They also have to respond to government policies that vary from region to region. These details can also affect the value of future cotton prices. Learn as much as you can about these decisions and about the weather forecasts before you put your money into cotton futures.

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