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Emini Future Trading: Best for Beginners

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The Benefits of Emini Future Trading

emini future tradingWhile Emini future trading holds a number of benefits to all investors, they are particularly suited to beginners and non-professional traders. In fact, this type of stock was first introduced to the market as a way to entice would be investors who were a little bit gun-shy. Emini futures were introduced in 1997 and were a near-instant success. From the start, their main selling point was their small size and their ease of use. This is even what gave them their name. The “mini” is a reference to the fact that they are one fifth of the size of most futures contracts, and therefore need only one fifth of the margin to trade. The “E” was added because they were easily traded online, using the Globex platform.

Emini future trading has a number of additional benefits, besides the size of the stocks and the ease with which they are traded. Emini brokerage fees are lower than the fees for standard futures stocks, although they vary somewhat from broker to broker. The stocks themselves have a high liquidity, which has a positive affect on their offer/bid spreads and can stop their value from slipping. Additionally, investors are required to report only a minimal amount in their taxes. American investors enjoy the added benefit of lower tax rates on Emini stocks.

How to Get Involved in Emini Future Trading

If you want to start your own Emini future trading portfolio, there are a number of routes you can take. While stocks have been bought and sold through brick-and-mortar brokerage companies, Emini futures were designed to be traded online. Once you have developed an investment plan, all you need to do is sign up with one of the many futures trading companies on the internet. Do a bit of research to find out which brokers offer the most benefits and the lowest fees. Once you are sure you have found the right company, you can start your career in Emini future trading.

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