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A Hot Penny Stocks List Can Improve Your Earnings

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How to Use a Hot Penny Stocks List

Hot Penny Stocks ListIf you use a hot penny stocks list, you can lessen the amount of time and effort that you put into researching these low-priced stocks. This will enable you to choose better stocks with a greater likelihood of creating the returns that you are seeking. As long as the source of your hot penny stocks list is reliable, you can use the list to increase your earnings and reduce the risk that is inherent with these investments.

The shares included in a hot penny stocks list will usually have several features in common. They will often come from a small group of economic sectors which are currently active and producing a lot of winning stocks on the major exchanges. Penny stocks will follow many of the same trends that higher-priced stocks follow. They should also represent companies that are improving their standing over the years, increasing their earnings and lowering their debt.

The most important feature of a hot penny stock, however, is its price performance. If you can determine how a stock has performed in the past, you can make some predictions about how it will perform in the future. This may allow you to make some investments in stocks that do not have favorable characteristics because you are going to take advantage of momentary price spikes that you foresee after reading this data.


 The Hot Penny Stocks List for 2012

1.            Fannie Mae

2.            Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp

3.            Advanced Battery Technologies

4.            Lone Star Gold

5.            Delta petroleum Corp.

6.            Legend Oil & Gas

7.            Generex Biotech Corp

8.            Sauer Energy, Inc.

9.            Caduceus Software Systems Corp.

10.          Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp

These stocks come from a few key sectors. Notice the prevalence of precious metals, energy and medical tech companies. This hot penny stocks list originates in sectors that are also hot on the major exchanges.

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