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Natural Gas Penny Stocks

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Natural Gas Penny Stocks Are the Exxons of the Future

natural gas penny stocksAmerican natural gas penny stocks are leading the way towards a significant cut in our dependence on foreign oil. These lean, hungry outfits are finding gas all over the country. New technology is squeezing trillions of cubic feet of natural gas out of old fields that were written off long ago. As these ventures move out of exploration and increasingly into production, the far-sighted investors who back their play stand to profit handsomely.

Natural Gas Penny Stocks Worth Taking A Look At

Many natural gas penny stocks are rapidly moving out of the range of what is technically defined as a penny stock, but here are some candidates that are still affordable and little known to the general investor.

•             Gasco Energy (GSX) is a Denver based company that operates primarily in Utah’s Uintah basin, with some exploration operations commencing in California. Gasco is currently about a break-even operation due to the low price of natural gas but it has plentiful reserves ready for when the price pops.

•             Force Fuels (FOFU) is a California based operator that just began producing from its first well in Kansas. It is exploring several partnership arrangements with larger firms that could contribute additional capital for exploitation of their existing leased properties.

•             Avalon Oil and Gas (AOGN) is a Minneapolis firm engaged in oil field rework that should boost its daily flow into profitable territory despite the low market price for natural gas. Firms that are just turning cash positive are excellent candidates for investment in natural gas penny stocks.

One of the key things to remember about all natural gas stocks is that they are generally sitting on reserves until the price goes up. Patience is thus a virtue with these companies. Once the price rises, natural gas penny stocks will open up the valves and profits will be off to the races.

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