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Reserving your research efforts for new penny stocks is one way to reduce the amount of work required in this sort of investment to something manageable. If you come into this arena right now and are determined to look at every single potential investment under a few dollars in value, then you will have your work cut out for you. There are thousands of companies that fit the description of penny stocks. Add to that amount the difficulty experienced in researching most of them and you might think twice about getting involved in penny stocks at all.

Finding and Researching New Penny Stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission has its own website. You can visit it and see the filings for every public company. This will help you find low cost stocks but many of the equities that are classified as penny stocks do not file with the SEC for various reasons. Look for new penny stocks on the Pink Sheets website.

When you get to Pink Sheets, just look at the list of newly trading companies on their front page. You can choose to look at those that have been recently delisted and those that have just been added to the list. These parameters allow you to fashion a list that you can reasonably expect to research with the time limits that are pertinent to you.

You can also go to the same website and click on OTC Company Search. You will be presented with the option to download different sorts of data and lists. Tailor these options to suit your focus on new penny stocks.

There are also many newsletters that will exclusively consider new penny stocks. Be aware that some newsletters are scams. Once you have found a source to be trustworthy, you can start to use it to find new penny stocks.

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