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Alibaba’s HiChina IPO: A New Opportunity from a Proven Business

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Alibaba’s HiChina IPO Announcement

alibaba's hichina ipo

The announcement of Alibaba’s HiChina IPO came as no surprise to those who have been watching the company. Over the last few years, buyer-to-buyer sales website Alibaba has been growing in popularity. While HiChina started out as the company’s domain hosting service, it soon began to grow with the rest of the company. Like Alibaba, it offered the competitive pricing desired by business trying to get through the dismal economic situation. In September, the company announced that it would be supporting HiChina’s first public offering on the regular market. $200 million was raised in order to ensure that the IPO would be a success.

Alibaba’s HiChina IPO was not the only news announced by the company. HiChina also plans to expand their services from domain selling to cloud hosting. This service will give companies the opportunity to purchase online cloud storage space. The information uploaded to the cloud could either be set up for download by clients or the public, or it could be kept private and used strictly by the company. As an increasing number of businesses and individuals are turning to cloud storage, HiChina hopes to become a leader in the field.

Why Invest in Alibaba’s HiChina IPO

In spite of the flurry of publicity surrounding the announcement, Alibaba’s HiChina IPO seems to be a sound, stable investment. Both Alibaba and HiChina have already proven their ability to function as companies and they continue to sell services that are highly desired by many of their customers. HiChina’s announced growth into the cloud storage market also shows a dedication to innovation and expansion that should be welcomed by many investors. Whether you are interested in the world on online business or you are simply looking for a good investment, HiChina may be one of the top IPO’s of the year. In short, you should jump on Alibaba’s HiChina IPO while the prices are low, because they are sure to rise in the near future.

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