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CBYI Cal Bay International

CBYI, a Triple-Zero Subpenny Play for Today; this Penny Stock may Rock +4OO% like VGPR did last month!!






Symbol                                       CBYI.pk

Current PPS:                              .0002
Avg. 10day Vol.                          14.2M

Outstanding Shares:                   1.6B

Float:                                           1.1B

Cal-Bay International (CBYI) is a real estate acquisition and development corporation which has recently changed their focus to Technology related to the Go-Green Sector.

CBYI’s current transition into the Green Alternative Fuels and Energy market has already begun with CBYI’s current “Foliage & Landfill Waste to Power” project in Scottsdale, Arizona, in which architectural plans are currently being completed for the construction of an alternative fuels processing refinery. CBYI will be using waste oils and foliage for the production of methanol which will then be converted to bio-fuels. This production is anticipated to begin at the 4th quarter of this year. When this refinery is completed, 25-tons of daily waste is expected to generate 12KW/Hours per day of clean electricity into the grid.

CBYI’s “Foliage & Landfill Waste to Powerproject involves continually conveyor feeding the landscape foliage waste into the equipment and then processed into producing “Clean Electricity” which is then fed directly into the grid system. CBYI’s conversion process eliminates the hazardous elements and generates revenues from Tipping Feedstock by converting Foliage to “Clean Power” helping the green environment by reducing emissions and the cleanup of toxic waste, whilst creating revenues.

WEBSITE: www.calbayinternational.com


Reasons why SR&R anticipates CBYI will be a successful sub-penny play:

– The newly appointed CBYI President, Kevin Denniston, is making the necessary changes to make the transition of CBYI from real estate to the Green Alternative Fuels and Energy market.

–  EmergingGreenCompanies.com, a website focusing on showcasing companies that are “going green” and are future leaders in the “green movement.”, has said that CBYI is heading in the right direction and “…is very excited about all the positive changes that CBYI is making”

– The equipment used by CBYI for the gasification conversion can accept many other types of Landfill Feedstock other than Foliage which in the near future can be used for the production of not only Power but Alternative Clean Burning Fuels such as Bio-Diesel and Aircraft Fuels; the “Clean Energy” facility in Scottsdale, AZ, expects to be operational revenue bearing by the end of the year!

CBYI’s future plans include the operation of 5 fully operational West Coast Region Stations by 4th quarter 2012 generating in excess of $11M net annually!!

– SR&R cannot stress enough how much the world is in need of alternative energy and how important President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is; it offers financial advantages to companies that use alternative energy sources giving “go-green” companies $70B in direct spending and tax credits for clean energy and associated transportation program; CBYI is transitioning themselves into becoming part of the “go-green movement”

CBYIs new website is currently in development and anticipated to launch sometime soon.

CBYI has been testing a new multi-tier solar panel for maximum energy production, which when testing is complete hope to develop their first operational multi-tier facility in AZ; all members should review yesterday’s Press Release that covers this more in detail

CBYI is extremely momentum driven; just last month the stock jumped from a similar level to .0012; a repeat move to that level would bring members +6OO% profit

– Taking a close look at the 6-month chart below, you will see a burst of volume just before the close when yesterday’s NEWS was released…


SR&R thinks this is the BEGINNING of the NEXT RUN UP for CBYI


All members should GRAB SHARES early today
CBYI looks READY to ROCK @ 9:30am EST!!



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