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FLTT – Flint Telecom

FLTT, our penny stock Telecom Play for Thursday; it’s time to put this previous +50.89% Winner back on your Radar; get Ready to Rock tomorrow @ 9:30am Est!!





Symbol                                     FLTT

Current PPS:                              .0031
Avg. 10day Vol.                           6.5m


Do you remember FLTT from last month? SR&R gave you a +50.89% Gain on FLTT!! Since then, the stock has dropped dramatically.  At this point, we feel the PPS is immensely undervalued!  At this price level, members should RACE to GRAB SHARES of FLTT.  SR&R feels ANOTHER HUGE RUN is LEFT in Flint Telcom… and profits in Round 2 may be even GREATER than the last one!!

Flint Telecom Group Inc (FLTT.ob) is an International Telecom Technology & Services Organization that specializes in Software, Services & Equipment, Prepaid Telecom Services, and Subscriber Based Services. Since its formation, FLTT‘s fiscal year REVENUE has GROWN +1800%. FLTT‘s objective is to target the audiences that will GUARANTEE them with HIGH MARGIN OPPORTUNITIES. Their current markets include U.S, Canada, and Mexico, Central and South America, India and many other Middle Eastern countries and are targeting to expand into the U.K, Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Pacific Rim. FLTT was also successfully named the ’10th Fastest Growing Company within the Communications and Networking Industry’ and ranked 72 on the ‘Fastest Growing Technology Company in North America’.

FLTT forecasted that their most popular product, VOIP (Voice-over-IP), would increase from $375M to $3.16B in 2011; this was corresponding to a market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 53.2%.  FLTT foreshadowed correctly because FLTT recently signed a letter of intent to acquire 100% of an additional VoIP services company providing services to small and medium enterprises in the United States. The company being acquired is profitable with annual revenues in excess of $1.5 million; thi s acquisition is expected to close by June 30, 2011.

Also, FLTT’s wholly owned subsidiary, Flint Prepaid Inc. has completed the launch of their new division, Flint Mobile. Flint Mobile is a full service Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) delivering prepaid wireless services including voice, text and data on the nation’s largest PCS network with low calling rates. Flint mobile users will have no contract, no activation fees and no monthly bills but will still enjoy the convenience and flexibility of mobile usage.

Reasons why SR&R anticipates FLTT may be a successful play:

FLTThas pending acquisitions and is actively pursuing to achieve their target of ten acquisitions this year with expected annual revenues in excess of $20 million.

FLTT’s two recent acquisitions already account for approximately $5 million of their target; by consolidating multiple operations FLTT will unify and reduce their operating costs and deliver higher profits!

Flint Mobile marked a key step in FLTTs journey into becoming a leading telecommunications service provider; Flint Mobile even received advanced orders of 1,000 of their headsets from their distribution partners BEFORE the actual launch.

– Flint Mobile aims to capture over 20,000 users by the end of 2011 that are expected to generate profitable monthly revenues of approximately $500,000.

– U.S. wireless revenues are $160 billion per year with 303 million users representing 96% of the population; the majority of the current households are wireless only with no fixed phone line installed.

– According to Wikipedia, ‘the worldwide telecommunication industry’s revenue was estimated to be $3.85 trillion in 2008 and growing!?

FLTT seems very under-valued (at .0031) for a company operating in a multi-trillion dollar industry

– FLTT has experience high-level management; the company appears to be in strong hands under the guidance of Vincent Browne and Bernard Fried

– the float on FLTT is tight; when we hit the stock in April, it jumped for an astounding +50.89% gain; we think we may see another huge run

-Taking a look at the 5-day chart below, you can see that momentum is building

SR&R thinks FLTT may slingshot further upward today!!

All members should consider picking up some shares of FLTT…













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