RVNG Raven Gold Corp Rock’d +2508% today!

RVNG – Raven Gold Corp

The same team that hit RCYT last week for an amazing +5400% Gain came together once more and crushed another one out of the ballpark.  As you all know, the past week or so has been very rough one for traders.  Standard & Poor announced this past Friday that they were downgrading the U.S. from a AAA credit rating to AA+.  This has been the United States first credit degrade since 1941.  Due to this event, the majority of stocks took a major downturn this week.  When times are rough, we like our members to turn to Gold!  Gold tends to move in postive direction when the economy is in a downward spiral!



This weeks play was RVNG, Raven Gold Corp!


StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, and PennyStockLocks alerted their members at 9:15am today via email, facebook and twitter.  RVNG, our Gold Mining Subpenny Momentum Play, was set for success right out of the gate!  The stock opened at .008 and members scooped up shares quickly.  Word spread through the penny stock market quickly as Buy orders continually flowed in driving the price-per-share all the way to .06 cents.  This equated to a  +2508% gain for RVNG at it’s  high-point-of-the-day!  Members who listened to our advice and grabbed shares early in the day are certainly smiling on their way to the bank!

Currently, at 12:18pm EST our Gold Mining Subpenny Allstar, RVNG, is still hitting .018  for +682.61% profit!  RVNG has dipped quite a bit since its inital burst upward due daytraders taking profit, howeverSR&R is extremely pleased to the trading activity today!


Congratulations to all our members who intelligently grabbed shares of RVNG early and cashed out whenin the Green!

rvng raven gold

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