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Best Trade to Learn for a Great Earning Potential

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Best Trade to Learn for a Great Earning Potential


With the validity of college degrees coming into question more and more in the recent years, many people are looking to trades jobs to get started in the workforce without the debt associated with a four year degree. Trades can get you started earning what you deserve fast and in fact are some of the fastest growing professions in the country. Here are some of the best trades to learn for a great earning potential.

best trade to learn for with great earning potential dental hygienistDental Hygienist  – Average Income: $68,000

Dental hygienists specialize in the care of oral hygiene. These licensed professionals promote preventative services to maintain good oral health, educate patients to develop good oral health habits, and treat disease to help develop healthy mouth tissue. Dental hygenists also have some of the highest earning potential for workers without a college degree.


online marketing managerOnline Advertising Manager – Average Income: $87,000

Online advertising managers oversee a company’s web advertising efforts in the digital space. They handle everything from display advertising, floating ads, pop-ups to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as track their client’s return on investment (ROI) with marketing metrics.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential web developerWeb Developer – Average Income: $76,000

Web developers specialize in programming applications to be used in web services that run over web servers to a web browser. Web developers can be found doing anything from building websites in HTML and CSS markup to programming sophisticated server frameworks in Perl or PHP to deliver custom functionality.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential paralegal pssistantParalegal Assistant – Average Income: $47,000

Paralegals are specialized assistants used in the legal field that help with case research and planning for lawyers. Unlike lawyers that can dispense legal advice for an hourly fee, paralegals generally work salaried jobs within the legal sector. They can be found working in any areas that require legal expertise from criminal trials, to real estate, government and contract planning.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential stenographer-court reporterStenographer-Court Reporter – Average Income: $48,000

Court Reporters, also called stenographers are people who transcribe court proceedings in real time using machine shorthand or writing equipment and must be able to read or play back their recordings in real time. These professionals produce the official accounts of proceedings that are essential to the court record.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential surveyorSurveyor – Average Income: $55,000

Surveyors are professionals that specialize in the 3 dimensional mapping of points on the earth and the relationship between the points. They’re involved in everything from construction planning, documentation of shipping channels and wartime preparation. Surveyors use everything from historical maps to modern GPS systems to make sure borders and boundaries are in the right place.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential electrical technicianElectrical Technician – Average Income: $56,000

Electrical technicians handle almost anything that needs to be plugged in. They handle the electrical wiring that’s in stationary machines, buildings, ships, airplanes as well as data transmission and cabling. They literally keep the world connected and you wouldn’t be reading this article without them.


best trade to learn for with great earning potential heating and refrigeration mechanicHeating and Refrigeration Mechanic – Average Income: $43,000

Heating and refrigeration mechanics, or HVAC mechanics are specialists that work on anything from industrial grade refrigeration systems, to climate control for buildings and industrial systems. They make sure food doesn’t spoil on on the way to the grocery store and keep buildings habitable in the winter.


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