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Cheap Stocks on the Rise Again

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Cheap Stocks on the Rise in 2012

Cheap Stocks On The Rise

The economy appears to have finally taken a turn for the better and you can find several cheap stocks on the rise. The significance of many cheap stocks is that they were once very expensive stocks. The crash in 2008 changed the outlook for a lot of stocks. However, if you were smart, you knew that some of the companies that took a beating a few years ago were eventually going to rise from the ashes. If you can determine just when such a company is going to make the turnaround, you could end up seeing great returns.

Other companies have just been weathering the storm and waiting for the economy to improve again. These cheap stocks on the rise come from just about every sector of the economy. However, many small companies involved in mining and energy are just starting to reap the profits of increased interest in gold and the higher value in oil.


Some Cheap Stocks on the Rise Now

•             Bank of America is one of the best cheap stocks on the rise. You did not have to pay too much attention to the news to know how this bank weathered the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Like many other stocks that suffered during that time period, it was really healthier than the bad press suggested. Revenue growth appears very likely and dividends may make a return.

•             Ford Motor Company is another surprising entry in this category. Company leaders have made wise decisions that will allow Ford to weather any likely setback in the future. The world market is picking up for this company.

•             DRDGold Limited is a South African mining company.  It appears likely that this company will continue to pay dividends into the future. The rising value of gold makes this one of the safest cheap stocks on the rise.

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