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Invest in Penny Stocks This Week

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Choose Penny Stocks This Week

Penny Stocks This weekIf you start investing in penny stocks this week, you can take advantage of the unique opportunities that these cheap securities offer. Many traders overlook penny stocks because their face value is so small. However, this attitude ignores the mathematical advantage that lower-priced stocks of every size offer to investors.

It is unwise to focus your entire portfolio on stocks issued by mega cap companies. The high value of these stocks is attractive, as is the stability of the companies behind them. However, they limit the performance of your investments for two reasons. Their high-price tags limit the variety of stocks that you can buy. Their high value also limits the number of shares that you can buy.

The number of shares that you own is even more important than the price of each share. When you own 10,000 shares of a stock and it increases in value by 10 cents, you earn $1,000. However, if you own 100,000 shares of a cheaper stock and it experiences the same rise in value, you will net $10,000 instead. This is what makes it so urgent to invest in penny stocks this week.

 The Best Penny Stocks This Week

 The best penny stocks this week will come from a few different sectors of the economy. Precious metals are still big and you should expect to find some hot penny stocks originating from exploration and mining companies. Energy is only becoming more expensive and this is a good thing for people who are invested in energy stocks such as petroleum and natural gas. That is particularly true for oil and gas exploration stocks.  However, do not overlook the stocks that were so badly pummeled by the economic crisis of a few years ago. As the economy is improving now, these will make good choices for penny stocks this week.

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