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Qualities Of The Best Penny Stocks To Watch 2012

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Looking for the Best Penny Stocks to Watch 2012

penny stocks to watch 2012

The best penny stocks to watch 2012 will certainly come from the markets that will thrive in the New Year. Some of these markets will be the same markets that thrived in 2011. Others will see new advances that arise from the changing political landscape and the worlds growing population.

Technology stocks will definitely be among the best penny stocks to watch 2012. You can break this sector of the market down into smaller categories as well. Biotechnology is a business that continues to advance every year. The recent decision in the United States to relax restrictions on stem cell research will definitely spur movement in this sector.

Information technology has been booming since the 1990’s. The arrival of cloud computing is just one of many advances that are continuing to develop the information superhighway. Further advances in computing and software are sure to keep this sector active.

Precious metals took a downturn at the end of 2011 but no one expects that to last. Gold is still expected to bring good returns this year. Some of the best penny stock to watch 2012 will be issued by companies that are breaking into this profitable market.

The world population is growing and food companies are profiting from the increased demand for their products. Look for companies that are developing ways to overcome the limitations of arid land. Many of the best penny stocks to watch 2012 will help these companies increase their output.

The Top Five Penny Stocks to Watch 2012

•             Cryocell, a biotechnology company

•             Information Services Group, a consulting firm

•             S&W Seed, they breed hardier crops to grow in harsh climates

•             Enservco, a domestic oil producer

•             Atna Resources, a producer of gold and one of the best penny stocks to watch 2012

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