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Change Gears with Summer Stocks 2012

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Looking for Some Summer Stocks 2012 to Brighten Up Your Day?

Summer Stocks 2012

If you have not had a stellar year with your investments so far, consider changing gears and investing in some summer stocks 2012. Patience is a virtue and a good investor is not afraid to hold on to a stock when he thinks that there is a decent possibility that it will turn a profit. However, there is also a time for everything. Sometimes you must cut your losses and seek new investment opportunities to avoid stagnation and get your money back to working for you.

The Best Summer Stocks 2012 Has to Offer

Consider these stocks as potential candidates for a summer stocks 2012 investment strategy. They are not ranked but they are all unusual investment opportunities. You may not have heard of them or considered them as likely candidates for investment before.

•             Pet Smart

When you think about summer stocks 2012, cats and dogs are probably not the first thoughts to cross your mind. However, if you have been investing for a while, you know that stock performance does not always have a lot to do with current hot topics. Earnings are the key and Pet Smart posted an unexpected 34% surge in the first quarter of this year.

•             Michael Kors

Luxury goods do not necessarily suffer in a down economy and this stock can prove that point. This new stock’s value has risen 70% since its IPO last December. It appears that the first quarter revenue for this company will be well above $300 million. Now might be the last chance to get into this stock before it really soars.

•             Whole Foods

The slow economy has not kept customers away from supermarkets. Sales rose nearly 10% in the first quarter for this leader among the summer stocks 2012.

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