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Alternative Investment Products Offer New Ways to Invest

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Alternative Investment Products

Alternative Investment Products for Troubled Times

Now is the perfect time to look at alternative investment products. Traditional stock and bond portfolios seem trapped in a no man’s land of tepid earnings and depressed economic conditions. Ordinarily, an investor might look to move assets out of one region of the planet over to some other one that is doing better. Unfortunately, nobody seems able to provide a financial haven that is any better off than where the funds are resting right now.

Bereft of any geographical safe haven, there is no real alternative to looking at unconventional investments as a way of grinding out some profits until things finally turn around in a serious way.

A List of Alternative Investment Products

• River Park’s Long/Short Opportunity Fund Retail Class+, RLSFX, has been an excellent contrarian hedge play. Yielding a hefty 13.36% over the last year, results like that can offset a lot of weakness in other parts of a portfolio that are left marking time until the next boom takes off.

• With increasingly surreal economic data coming out of many overseas markets, it might pay to have some assets parked in a fund devoted to a country that requires veracity in its financial statements. The new America First Defensive Growth Fund Class A, DGQAX, has produced a nice 7.58% return while simultaneously keeping the money in relatively safe places.

• For a fund with a longer record of achievement, the Robeco Boston Partners Long/Short Equity Investor fund, BPLEX, has been churning out double digit gains for years. In fact, their 20-year average is a juicy 11.83%.

No matter what the reason for choosing alternative investment products, they are still capable of doing a lot more than most people expect of them.

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