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Investing in Fun Cars

The automotive market in the last few years has become the epitome competitiveness for the industry. Once upon a time there were two types of vehicles being produced, functional and recreational. Now that performance expectations and fuel saving technology has evolved so rapidly, the market demands for fun cars has molded a new type of car. The birth of fun cars has become the product of consumer demands and industry competition, making this type of investment easy for everyone.

Who says Fun Can’t Be Functional?

Who says fun cars can’t be functional cars too. Sure there are some cars that are getting 35+ miles per gallons average, but aren’t any fun to drive. Pretty much the bulk of the fun cars that retain their functional capability are small 1.6 liter four cylinder engines with anywhere from 120 horsepower to 180 horsepower engines. Even the new Dodge Dart is offering a turbo 4 cylinder engine that gets 184 horsepower and near 40 miles per gallon. More and more manufacturers are investing in smaller better performing engines that pack a punch when you need that boost of speed, but not the consumption when you’re just tapping the gas pedal.

Fun cars can be functional. Understanding that cars are machines is key when looking to invest in a machine that you will use daily and won’t bankrupt your finances. Just as you would research any other type of investment, so too should you when it comes to buying a functional car that can be fun too. Nobody wants to hate buying a long term investment so that they can regret it for the term of the investment. In the U.S., often the coming of age for many teens is when they hit the legal driving age because with the license so too often comes the car and the sense of freedom. ¬†That freedom doesn’t end with your teenage years, so investing in a car that is both functional and fun to drive should be a goal when searching for a car to buy.

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Hatchback Heaven

The mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s saw sub compact cars as a commuters best friend. Of course there were the gas guzzling monsters that dominated the roads as well, but for the most part cars like the Neon, Sunfire, Civic, or Sentra were cheap and cost effective. Now the market demands has shifted. With gas prices constantly on the rise, many people that had traded in their sub compacts for bigger trucks and SUVs are finding themselves looking for smaller more affordable cars. This is where the current market demands have shows industry leaders that the consumer mentality has changed into the desire for bigger smaller more efficient cars.

Hatchbacks have become the new car to have when looking for a fun car that is fuel efficient and functional for all walks of life. The new designs have made their way into the Prius, Versa Note, Focus and Fiesta models have all taken on this new sense of functionality. People are downsizing in size, not expectations. Smaller engines are being put into these cars, but their performance is still expected to be up to par.

Even The Muscle Cars Show Promisefun cars 1

Even the pony cars are showing a functional and fun side. Let’s be honest the muscle cars always had that fun appeal, but it was their functionality that killed the sale with many drivers. However with the fuel saving technology that has been introduced into the manufacturing side in the last few years may have saved American muscle. The Ford Mustang has gone through a variety of redesigns since the early 2000s. None more influential than the last two redesigns which have allowed the iconic muscle car over 300 horses under the hood and averaging 25 miles per gallon on the highway. The new Dodge Charger is offering a 6 cylinder engine that too boasts 300 horses under the hood, four doors like any other sedan and up to 31, miles per gallon highway. Only a few years ago such performance numbers per gallon was virtually unheard of. It is now possible to own a fun car and have it also be a safe and sound investment.

When it comes to investing in a fun car, you can have some peace of mind knowing that there is no reason to feel guilty in wanting something both functional and fun to drive. Going against the old adage, now when it comes to investing in fun cars, you can have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, you can drive a fun car and afford it too. Fun cars are here to stay, the market has proven they are a sound investment and the consumer trends have proven to the car manufacturers that this is the way they too should invest.



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