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Profitable Passions

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The concept of investing has in recent years taken on a new form. Younger investors are more likely to shy away from traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, and more likely to invest in what they know. The older investing generations bought and sold their retirement on the traditional venues, while the younger generation has been birthing a new trend. Investing in profitable passions, younger investors are using non-traditional methods to secure the longer term ability to build and retain wealth.

Investing in ArtProfitable Passions 1

Investing in art may not seem contrary to traditional ties to investing in one’s passion, but the style in which are becoming popular may challenge conventional thought. Art is often a gamble and usually because of trends that swing depending on the culture that approves and disapproves to what can be considered art. Historically speaking it has not been uncommon that what may be considered to be masterful works now, had not been the case during the artist’s lifetime. Investing in art over a long term can land investors some serious cash, if they are passionate and informed about certain works and artists, whom produce and can pay off higher than the initial cost of investing.

Investing in Automobiles

Investing in automobiles is not so much tricky as it is understanding the market and value of the brand long term. Everyone likes looking at cars, especially the expensive ones that are only available to a certain income bracket. But being able to afford a Rolls Royce doesn’t mean that you are any more savvy an investor in automobiles than someone who owns a 1972 Corvette Stingray. There are variables to look into and not just relying on the invoice cost of a car. For example, a 1956 Chevy Corvette brand new only cost about $5,000. Today that same car in mint condition sells for over $90,000 dollars. Not just because it is the first year the car was made available to the public, but because of the limited number that have survived since then to today. Automobiles, at least here in the U.S. remind us of our youth and the freedom that comes with it. In the mentality, automobile enthusiast are able to turn a passion into profit.

Investing in Coin

Investing in coin is not far from that traditional route previously established, however a true coin collector knows exactly what to look for and how much old coins can be worth. If you have ever started looking at the dates on the bottom of the coins in your pocket, clearly the date at the bottom is the year it was minted. Big deal. But it can be a big deal, depending on the year it was minted and the location. People who are passionate about collecting coin understand that at one point in the U.S. there were multiple mint locations set up, some of which have since closed. Many coins from these closed mints are still in circulation and worth more than just face value. While some coins from the early 1900’s are worth only a few cents more than face value, others are worth upwards of a $100 dollars per coin depending on age, damages or defacing, and location of minting. Investing in coin is one of the easiest ways to turn old money into new money.

Investing in Comic Books

A childhood passion which was sold relatively cheap, like really cheap – 12 cents or less for some. However there is a huge fan base already established, and whether you are young or old, it is easy to get lost in the fantasy of your favorite superhero or villain. Back in 2010, a June 1938 Action Comic which was originally sold for 12 cents, sold at auction for $2 million dollars. While it is often a gamble in looking to see what franchise will ascend into glory, following the various universes and types of comic books, real passionate investors understand that while this may be considered to be that of the ultimate alternative investment, it is one that can pay off! Investing in comic books is a great way to turn a passion into profit while remaining in a league that you understand.

Investing in WineProfitable Passions

Investing in wine may seem like a bad idea, especially when cost per bottle depending on the brand may outweigh the cost of a case. However, by following the trends, one might realize that currently world consumption of wine is at an all time high. And if you happen to be part of the consumer market interested in wine, you may be entering into a safe investment.

The key to profitable passions is understanding that you can make money or a profit on the things you enjoy. Sometimes investing is stressful, so by investing in the passions you enjoy, you are more likely to be less stressed because you understand and look forward to the investment of your money. Suddenly investing doesn’t have to be so nerve wrecking because you understand it!

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