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1 Million Defect GM Cars Still Driving

GM made headlines earlier in the year when the company had to recall an industry record breaking amount of vehicles. The company has gone through various congressional hearings and has sent a ton of money in rectifying the mistake of the past. A faulty ignition switch which has linked the company to 23 deaths and a number of serious injuries continues to haunt owners and their vehicles dating back almost two decades. There are still over 1 million GM defect ridden cars still driving on the road today.

Recap on the RecallGM 1

The first recall made by GM was first announced in February of 2014. Upon the notifications of the severely delayed recalls being issued the company not only saw its brand name tarnished over the lack of an acceptable response time in addressing the issues, but also saw unwanted media attention and congressional attention. Various employees including the safety and design engineers that okayed the defective parts were immediately fired from their jobs. In all about 2.4 million vehicles were recalled spanning over nearly two decades worth of various GM brands affected across the board. The main concern early on was a faulty ignition switch that had the tendency to lead to other failures in the vehicles. While in motion the vehicles affected may have experienced the cars to shut off while being driven. Adding to those concerns were the disabling of the air bag, power steering and the total failure of the anti-lock brakes. GM admits that roughly 48.5 percent of all the vehicles that were recalled are still driving on the road without having the necessary fixes made. Even though the recalls were issued in February, the actual repairs on the vehicles hadn’t started until April when the replacement parts were made available. A GM spokesman named Alan Adler has been quoted in saying that “Fixing more than 1.1 million vehicles in [six months] is a Herculean accomplishment for the supplier making the parts, the logistics people getting them to the dealers and the dealers fixing vehicles.” GM has noted that many vehicles owners often ignore recall notices that are sent out in the mail because the customer believe that it is nothing more than mere junk mail or that the manufacturer or dealership is baiting so that unwarranted service can be performed. Many believe that one would have to be far detached to believe that the customer would ignore a recall of this magnitude concerning the GM brand with all of the media attention brought upon the company in recent months, however stranger things have happened.

Fixing the IssuesGM 2

One of the biggest reasons that customers may choose to ignore certain recalls is due to the fact that one tends to have to go without their vehicles while it is being repaired which when set against the flailing economy does not bode well for most. GM has made loaner cars available to customers that either do not feel safe driving their recalled vehicles or need transportation. In the eyes of the customers this type of coverage should be standard due to the scale of the recalls. The company feels that so far it has done a great job in alerting the customers of their products and will continue doing so until ever defect is resolved. GM has admitted that there are still roughly 1 million vehicles that have active recalls issued on them driving on the roads that have yet to be fixed, but those replacement parts will be available to the last of the dealers nationwide by the end of the month. While many of the more well known cars that have been affected since February, many customers who drive similar cars within the same brands may have kept a blind eye towards some of the recalls. Some of the other affected models are the Pontiac Soltice, G5, and Pursuit; The Saturn Sky and the Chevrolet HHR which has seen some fires igniting in the cabins of the cars. The company has advised that drivers of the vehicles affected to take all unnecessary keys off of the key rings in order to decrease the amount of friction which might cause a fire to combust.

While it is horrifying to think that there are still over 1 million defect affected GM cars still on the road, one can take comfort knowing that GM is aware and doing what they can to quickly resolve the current safety lags. Many in the industry are still reeling back from the industry record breaking amount of affected brands and number of cars recalled by a manufacturer in less than a year. However, while GM has and is being corrected for their lack of safety it is important as the owner and operator of these defected vehicles to get them fixed and serviced as soon as possible.


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