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140,000 Toyota Recalls

As a whole for the auto industry, 2014 has been a year of shattering records when it comes to the amount of vehicle recalls by the various manufacturers. On Thursday, Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it was recalling 140,000 of its Tundra CrewMax pickup trucks. The reason being that there is a possible defect with the side curtain airbags due to faulty instillation. Just like General Motors, Toyota and many other manufacturers have been early to jump at any recalls in order to avoid any catastrophic accidents or loss of life that has been seen due to the negligence of other companies in recent years.

Toyota’s Recalltoyota

Upon the announcement of a giant recall by Toyota, consisting of 140,000 Tundra Pickups with a possible faulty instillation of its side curtain airbags. The part that was incorrectly installed, the center pillar garnish which is the plastic covering that sits between the front and rear doors, may interfere with the deploying and inflation of the side curtain airbag. This defect would stop the airbag’s capability to properly shield the passengers from the impact or subsequent fragments caused by impact. Luckily the issue is only limited to the 2014 year model of the Toyota Tundra. Of the 140,000 Tundra’s recalled, 130,000 of them were sold in the U.S. and the remaining 10,000 were sold in Canada. Toyota has as of the earlier part of the year recalled more than 6 million vehicles worldwide due to different faulty airbag issues such as non deployment issues and problems with the airbags throwing shrapnel into the cabins and killing occupants. According to industry sources, of the 6 million recalls earlier in the year, only about 1.3 million of those vehicles were sold in the U.S. The most positive information to be released on the subject is that this recall by Toyota is completely voluntarily. There have been no reported injuries, deaths or accidents due to the nature of this defect. That being the case, Toyota is showing the consumer market that while a defect may exist or even an oversight in the quality control process – Toyota is committed to the safety of those driving their vehicles.

In 2013 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a recall for Toyota’s Tundra trucks in 2013 for a separate yet equally terrifying defect. Due to the NHTSA the 2013 Tundra’s had a tendency to have the wheels of the trucks break off whilst the truck was driving in motion. According to the NHTSA, it is the lug nuts for these trucks that need to be replaced in an effort to rectify the issue. The airbag issue with the lack of proper inflation just announced by Toyota has yet to make its way to the NHTSA’s website. Currently all of the defects are only affecting the Tundra pickup trucks and have not affected the smaller yet ever more popular Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. As of now, the Tacoma sales are down by as much as 7 percent when compared to last year. To date there have only been 102,736 Tacoma tucks sold this year, since the introduction of a model redesign. The last time the Tacoma was redesigned was in 2005 when the second generation of the vehicle had been released into the market.

2014 The Year of the Recalltoyota 2

2014 is not quite over but that hasn’t stopped the current vehicle recall numbers from reaching ever higher. The current count to date between all the vehicle manufacturers is about 46 million vehicles worldwide. Of that 46 million, General Motors is accountable for roughly 29 million vehicles. 2014 has effectively shattered what was the current world record of vehicle recalls that was set in 2004 with a total of 31 million vehicles recalled in a single year. General Motors has become the poster company for vehicles recalls and many companies are trying to avoid gaining that similar reputation. Even with the massive amounts of recalls being issued by General Motors which have affected vehicles dating back almost two decades, the company has seen one of their best sales years in under a decade. As competition grows among the various performance and fuel efficiency wars going on, many companies have been quick to react to issues with their vehicles. Not everyone will have the selling success that General Motors has experienced in the wake of their staggering recalls.

Toyota has had some pretty serious issues in the past concerning the performance of their airbags both deploying and contributing to safety of the occupants of their vehicles. 2014 may go down in the record books as the year of the recall, but there is still much work to be done by General Motors and by Toyota. Both companies are leaders in their specialty categories when it comes to selling reliable vehicles and both companies would like to remain that way.



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