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2014’s Ugliest Cars

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The average US driver is driving a car that has been on the road for more than a decade. As the economy and job market have continued on in uncertainty, many drivers have discontinued their purchasing ways of the past. Those who are buying cars are more concerned with fuel economy than the looks of a car. This has never been more true than what has been seen in recent years where the beauty of automobile design takes on the what have been ranked as some of the most ugliest cars with little to no market appeal. Here is a list of some of 2014’s ugliest cars in no particular order.

One: Toyota Priuscars 3

When teenagers are dreaming of obtaining their drivers licenses, some key adjectives come to mind. Freedom, independence, adulthood but often it is not economic. The Prius has in recent years become more of an economy lined vehicle which has virtually transformed the hatchback and compact market. This versatile car has given the rise to fuel efficient cars which have successfully changed the market as consumers are more apt to buy fuel efficient cars over that of some of the more streamlined visually appealing. The Prius and Prius Hybrid are two of the best selling vehicles worldwide, becoming one of the staple sales that Toyota can count on year after year. The car’s sales numbers are definitely high but according to The New York Times automotive writer Lawrence Ulrich the Prius “it’s as frumpy as any car I’ve seen…”

carsTwo: Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has pretty much won in the world ugliest car almost three years running. The car has been on the market for the last four years but just because the critics call the Juke ugly hasn’t killed off the surprisingly strong following of the car. In the automotive world, it is often the vehicles that standout from the norm that we remember more fondly. The Juke is definitely out of the norm, but it is one of the only small crossovers that offers customers a turbo four cylinder with all wheel drive and more recently the option for a NISMO tuned trim level. The Nissan Juke may be ugly by industry standards but that hasn’t stopped the company from promoting the vehicle or the 38,000 Juke customers from purchasing the car as of last year.

Three: BMW X6cars 1

The BMW X6 has failed the company on more than one level in its existence. The X6 was supposed to be the embodiment of everything that BMW cars were known for luxury and power, while allowing customers to enjoy the room of an SUV but with the comfort of mind in a crossover. On top of all that the underperforming X6 has a lofty 62,000 dollar price tag added on top of it. Much of the critics of this crossover come at the consumer level where the car is the third least selling vehicle produced by BMW. The crossover continues with each new model year change to look less and less like a crossover and more like a slightly overpriced hatchback coupe. The Frankenstein monster of the BMW series.

cars 4Four: Nissan Versa

I am usually a fan of the Nissan brand, but to make this list is car number two. The Versa sedan and hatchback comes across very plain. The company even tried jazzing up the Versa hatchback by calling it the Versa Note, and styling the body to more appealing to a younger market. However, the car is only a car. What makes this car ugly in the eyes of the consumer market is the overall lack of eye appeal to the car. If you are looking for a nondescript car to get you from A to B without any horsepower under the hood or bell and whistles in the cabin then this the car for you. Unfortunately for most of the market this car is a bare bones wreck that is only good for two things, a cheap sticker price and 35 miles to the gallon.

Five: Lincoln MKTcars 2

I’d argue its most of the Lincoln lineup and not just the MKT but the market’s sales numbers would argue different. Many US consumers find the MKT to come off rather tacky and the grill comes across as ugly to many would be Lincoln buyers. The same grill is found on earlier Lincolns produced between the 1930s and 1940s, back when they matched the cars they were built on. Nowadays, the grill seems like an out of place reach into the history of the company that is being overstated and out of touch within the current market. The MKT even got a brand facelift with the death of the Town Car which was one of the most iconic faces for the brand, and unfortunately for Lincoln, the MKT has failed the company. The lack of sales and the overall disgust held by the public on this car have lost about 7,000 sales for the company since the beginning of the year.

What this list has proven is that company lineage and better fuel performance don’t really count for much when consumers are out car shopping. While the economy and job market’s uncertainty have definitely played into the hands of the consumer market, one thing has remained clear. A car is only as useful as how it performs and the needs it fulfills both in capability as well as aesthetically.


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