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BMW Accelerates in 2014

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BMW had a phenomenal sales year in 2013, as the company sold a total of 1,963,798 vehicles last years. 2013 brought in a banner year for the company and set a sales record for BMW which fell only slightly short of 2 million vehicles sold. That goal of 2 million vehicles sold became the clear cut goal and direction of the company for 2014, and the first six months of this year are proving that BMW has what it takes to achieve such a high goal.

BMW’s First 6 MonthsBMW

The first six months of 2014 have been great for BMW, as the German automaker group has already sold over 1 million vehicles worldwide. Between January and June, BMW has sold a total of 1,020,211 which has marked 6.9 percent increase in deliveries for the company on the current record. Industry experts currently analyzing the sales of BMW believe that the consumer buying trend will continue on throughout the end of the year. BMW will release their X4, which enthusiasts are pegging as a newer crossover for the market and will deliver an expected boost in sales. The core brand BMW is currently outperforming the other companies beneath the BMW family brands and has surpassed Mercedes-Benz in overall sales this year. In the first six months of the year, BMW has sold 886,347 vehicles while Mercedes-Benz has only sold 783,520 vehicles this year. And just when the electric vehicle market was seemingly dominated by Toyota, Nissan, and the ever popular Tesla – BMW sold an impressive 5,396 BMW i3 EVs (Electric vehicles).

Success Amid Recalls

The amount of recalls that has been issued by auto manufacturers this year has been staggering to say the least. General Motors has taken the lead in the amount of cars recalled due to almost endless defects, Toyota has been affected by airbag and break issues, and now BMW has issued a recall of 1.6 million vehicles created between May 1999 and August 2006. The years of produced cars are being voluntarily recalled by BMW for issues with passenger side air bags that were designed and supplied by Takata Corp, which have been breaking apart during impact and deploying projectiles into the cabin which have been injuring passengers. The active recall is a worldwide recall and is nothing more than an extension of a recall issued last year concerning 240,000 vehicles. The airbag issue is not solely tied to BMW, as Takata Corp is one of the leading suppliers to global auto manufacturers and has affected millions of cars across dozens of brands and banners. Under the BMW family brands, 26 Minis were affected and recalled in accordance with the Takata Corp recalls. The latest recalls by BMW stand at 574,000 recalled in the US, 189,000 vehicles recalled in the United Kingdom, 450,000 vehicles recalled in Germany. Whereas the same recall issue in the US was limited to only 42,000 vehicles.

The BMW Family BrandsBMW 2

While the core brand of BMW, BMW is selling tremendously well this year the other brands under the family banner have seen their sales numbers dip a bit. The Mini Cooper lineup saw their sales fall by 11.4 percent in the same amount of time that the BMW sales rose. However, the recently released new redesigned Mini hardtop convertible is helping to boost the sales figures for the brands. Mini sales may be slightly down for the last 6 months, but have in comparison to that percentage risen slightly by 3.2 percent in June sales compared against June 2013.

Rolls Royce sales are up a significant 33.4 percent over last year. There is considerable demand for their current Ghost Series II and the Wraith. Even the BMW Motorrad was able to sell 70,978 motorcycles and scooters halfway through the current year. In the US, sales rose roughly 5.1 percent which has helped keep BMW in the running for their overall sales goals but it is the Asian and European automobile markets that have the greatest impact on overall sales. By the close of June of this year, BMW has sold a total of 181,534 vehicles while the overseas markets have sold much higher figures. In Asia BMW has sold over 321,915 vehicles while on the European market BMW has sold a whopping 455,808 units.

BMW continues to accelerate in 2014 as the brand has continued to innovate an inspire. The company is still driven to post its internal record breaking sales figures and continues on following the goals of reaching the 2 million sale mark. The company is investing in itself and therefore has proven to those willing to invest in either shares or products that when looking at BMW you are betting on a safe bet. BMW has proven to enthusiasts and consumers alike that internal goals, industry goals, and being an industry leader are just as important to the company as producing a car that is fun and exciting to drive!



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