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GM’s New Midsize Trucks

The midsize truck market as early as five years ago gave the market nine midsize truck models for consumers to choose from. In the five years since then, there has been more of a reduction in the amount of models available to the consumer market leaving only three models. Partly due to the high cost of fuel and partly due to buyer patterns many auto manufacturers have decided to cut their midsize pickup trucks out of the market altogether. With the addition of shrinking profit margins and brand loyalty slowly dying; a new question has been born. Why would GM invest in producing a midsize pickup truck again?

Why Midsize Pickups were DiscontinuedGM 1

Many of the car and truck manufacturers have reported that due to consumer behavioral patters the market for the midsized pickup trucks had in essence killed itself off. The theory on that understanding of why the midsized truck market might have died on its own isn’t far from the implausible. In short, many of the smaller trucks cost just as much as their larger counterparts and haven’t gotten much better fuel economy for their smaller size and lack of room. Many of the car and truck manufacturers like Ford have stated that there isn’t a need for the smaller pickups to be produced and sold in the U.S. because for roughly the same price point the consumer can get everything in the bigger pickup that they’d look for in the smaller one. It is due to this thinking that many of the manufacturers had essentially walked away from the midsize pickup market, one that GM feels it is time to reinvest in again. GM has brought their version of the midsize pickup with some extra punch. The trucks are giving the consumers a run for their money with better fuel consumption than Toyota and Nissan for the same amount of money.

GM’s Midsize Pickups

The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado are only now just beginning to hit the dealership showrooms. GM is confident that both of their midsize pickup trucks will do well in the market that has been starved out for lack of choices. Currently the biggest selling midsize pickup trucks are offered by Toyota and Nissan and are dated in themselves. What GM has brought to the table has better fuel economy and an almost SUV like body. Jeep had coined the term when the company was looking at the possibility of turning the wrangler into a “lifestyle” pickup truck and that is exactly what the new GM midsize pickup trucks are going to function as. Many midsize truck enthusiasts agree that a smaller pickup truck fits more needs for the average commuter than the larger pickup trucks have allowed. The midsize pickup trucks would allow daily commuters the ability to utilize the bed in their pickup truck on weekends or days off where traditional SUVs and larger pickup trucks fail many consumers.GM 2

The two new midsized pickup trucks have been marketed and advertised well; a sort of comeback into the market where two import companies have been selling almost unopposed by American manufacturers. Both trucks are offering up the tradition of GM’s long lasting quality but with some consumer attracting refinements. The trucks originally were offered with a choice of either a five or an eight cylinder engine. The new trucks are being offered with fuel saving technology in better performing four and six cylinder engines offering 200 horsepower. The engines are delivering roughly 20 miles per gallon city and up to 27 miles per gallon highway. The interior to the trucks have been upgraded with touch screen displays and leather seating and accents. The truck overall offers some of the best attributes that have been seen in both import models. The bed offers tie down cleats that have been seen in the Frontier. The cab of the truck has taken on an SUV like body as was seen with the Honda Ridgeline and the Ford Explorer Sports Trac. The truck has available remote start and USB ports for iPod and Bluetooth capable software. Available options that GM feels will give their trucks the winning edge over that of the current midsize market has to offer.

GM’s new midsize trucks are soon to hit dealerships where the consumer market can purchase what has long been anticipated for rebirth. The smaller trucks are finally he first of the new wave in the industry offering consumers a better price point with better fuel economy to back up the anticipated sales. GM hopes to regain customers that Ford and Ram have abandoned within the small truck market as well has their own customers that have been looking for a capable and affordable midsize pickup truck.


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