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Toyota Redesigns Camry to Boost Sales

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The New York Auto Show starts today and all the brands in the industry are showing off their concepts and redesigns. Auto shows are the best place for up and coming models to make their debut as well as industry leaders to compete for the next big industry craze. Spirited competition is also one of the more major flavors of the auto shows, especially this one in New York. Toyota’s Camry has been on top for the last 12 years as bestselling car in the U.S., a record Hyundai is looking to break.

The Camrytoyota 2

The Camry has been the bread and butter of sales for Toyota, a company that is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Toyota’s dominance has been over comparable models produced by America car manufacturers in recent years because of brand reliability. Even in the wake of the massive recalls by General Motors, and massive recalls made by Toyota in recent years, the Camry has remained on top. The success of the Camry can’t be limited to one reason over another but what helps sis the long lifespan of the Camry, many of which that were sold 20 years ago are still on the road. Along with new interior technologies and fuel sipping engines that don’t kill the car’s performance, have allowed Toyota to remain on top.

Hyundai’s Challenge

Hyundai has been challenging the very position of Toyota in the U.S. sales market for the last two years. Hyundai has been upping their game, releasing newer more attractive models into the market. The biggest threat to the Camry’s success has been the constant redesigns made to the Sonata both externally and internally. The car matches and exceeds the gas consumption that the Camry gets and offers a Hyundai brand warranty that outshines that of Toyota’s. Both cars are comparable in size and performance, so when it comes to the difference in month to month sales numbers it is often the little details that make the difference.

toyota 1The Sonata has toned down the accentuation of body curves in a market where curves are king. Once upon a time when the America car companies were on top in the U.S. market, curves weren’t in style but line definition was what the market called for. But the cost of fueling the cars weren’t as high as they are today, so the call for more aerodynamic lighter cars is what the market is calling for. The Hyundai Sonata has been able to lower the weight of the car but not the quality that has kept customers coming back. Even the redesigned Nissan Altima has put Toyota on their heels, as the Altima led in the midsize sedan category for the first two months of 2014 for U.S. sales with the delivery of 89,285 cars.



Why Toyota Should Toyota Care?

If Toyota’s Camry has been on top for the last 12 years, why then should they care that Hyundai or Nissan is challenging them? The threat of competition is a very real threat to the car company. New technologies in both luxury and performance are constantly seeding companies within their industry. The reason that the Camry has been so successful is because of the performance and cost ratio that the car has over many of it competitors. Toyota has made its way to the top of the U.S. market not only by innovative new technologies that it contributes overall to the auto industry, but by becoming a brand that survives generations. Repeat customers who trust the brand are the reason that Toyota has been so successful, along with an affordable sticker price and maintenance cost. The days of too big to fail are long past, and companies like Toyota that wish to remain at the top have to constant redesign and reinvent the basis of their best selling products in order to remain at the top of the list in the U.S. market.

The redesigned features of the Toyota Camry have brought a sense of style back into the market that has otherwise been lost in recent years to the pursuit of better fuel economy. The Camry is offering functionality and appearance while not affecting the invoice cost towards its consumer’s wallets. Toyota has targeted the U.S. market for a total sale of 400,000 Camry’s in 2014 alone, and has yet to hit their first quarter mark in comparison to last year. However, the Camry redesign mid-market as is being released in New York gives the brand more of a boost for sales. The 2015 Camry being shown at the New York Auto Show should being hitting the market as early as August of this year, enabling the market to get a brand new taste of Toyota innovation and seal in the end of the year sales.


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