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Building Your Brand Through Content Marketing

How To Use Content To Build Your Brand

content marketingContent marketing is a huge buzz word in the marketing community, and more specifically the web marketing community. The reason why it is so popular is because it works. Large brands have been using content marketing for decades and smausinesses now have the opportunity to do the same. The internet has changed the game. It gives the littlest voice access to the largest audience. At a moments notice a seemingly awkward video can go viral and blow up overnight. Content marketing is not a new concept. However, small businesses are finally realizing the potential return on investment that it can have. So how can content marketing help your business?

What Is Content Marketing

Businesses use content marketing to promote their product or service in a way that can help customers develop a need for the product/service, provide solutions, answers, inform, and more. Content marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. On the web content can come in the form of videos, blog posts, images, infographics, and interactive content. Most of all content marketing creates a story, a way for customers to relate with your business/brand/products/services. A way for you to tell people why they need your products and how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

corona find your beachThis does not necessarily mean that you have to ram advertising copy down the customers throat. Instead you are going to do the opposite. Try thinking about the bigger picture of marketing. Think about how big brands, such as liquor companies advertise their products. For this example I’m going to use Corona. Corona has one of the best uses of content marketing today. It is a fact that Corona isn’t a particularly good beer. Taste Testers and beer specialists have continually rated the beer as below average. However, Corona is one of the top selling beers, and it is also priced among the highest. So how does Corona pull off such a high price and still manage to get a large sales volume even though their product is inferior? It is because of their advertising plan and their use of content marketing to create a brand experience. Have you seen the Find Your Beach Commercials? They are almost impossible to ignore. Corona has found a way to create an experience. Not just a product. People are not buying Corona to get high quality beer. They are buying Corona because of the experience it offers.

How Do you Use Content Marketing

As a small business owner chances are you cannot afford a massive marketing campaign. However, through the internet you have direct access to your target market. You can use content marketing to reach your audience. Find out what they want to see. What they need to see, And how you can leverage your product or service to create an experience for your target market. For each business this is going to be different. Your target market is different than mine is. Who are the people you are selling to?


The first step in content marketing is discovering your target audience and figuring out the best way to reach them. This is not an easy task but with a bit of research it can be uncovered. Find out what content they like, what they are sharing, what they are following. Once you find the content they like you can replicate it with your own special twists.

Using Content Marketing To Grow Your Brand

After you find out what your audience likes you can craft a plan to make a story with your brand. Figure out how to reach them and get them to relate to your business, and promote your brand as an experience. For small businesses the easiest and cheapest way to get their content out is through a website and social media. Figure out what social media platforms your market is using and create content specifically for that target customer using the best practices on the particular network. Blogging is another great way to provide a brand experience and reach your audience. You can even use your blogs on social media sites to further to promote your brand. Just remember the trick to content marketing is to create an out of this world experience for your customer. Find a way for your customers to relate with your business.

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