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How New Businesses Can Build Trust With New Customers

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Why Do Businesses Need A Trustworthy Brand Name?

build trustAs a new business one of the toughest hurdles to overcome is building a trustworthy brand that customers can trust. Even if you are one of the most talented in your industry, without building your brand target customers don’t know if they can trust your brand. New business owners are constantly focuses on how they can get customers into their business when the doors open. Without building trust with your consumer base this could lead to an embarrassing failure.

In today’s post I will discuss strategies you can use to build trust with your customers.

Strategies For Building Trust

1. Customer Reviews
2. Advertising
3. Sales and Discounts
4. Customer Service
5. Free Trials / Samples

1. Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews and Testimonials are extremely important for a new business. When I first started my business I had a few people ask me if they were my first customer. When I answered no they were glad to hear that they weren’t the guinea pig. I directed them to my Google Plus and Yelp Reviews so they could see what I was able to do with other clients. Luckily, I had the luxury of bringing a few clients from my past job with me to my new business. These were people I had worked with for a long time and they trusted me personally, not necessarily my brand. Through these initial customers I was able to generate a significant amount of positive reviews and that helped me get my first round of new clients. Not only did I have my potential new clients read my reviews and testimonials, but I also was able to get them to contact my original clients so they could talk to them about my work. However, not every new business owner has this luxury.

customer reviews
To get an initial wave of reviews and testimonials you will have to think outside the box. You may offer services free of charge or steeply discounted (Tip 5) to friends, family members or acquaintances. I would recommend beginning this process before you even open your doors. Just because your grand opening is the official launch of your business doesn’t mean you have to wait to accept new customers. Get the initial wave of customers as soon as possible so you can provide potential new customers with security and faith that you can successfully accomplish their needs. In my example above no one wants to be the first guinea pig and people feel more safe when they know you have past successes.

2. Advertising

advertising to build trust
About 3 months prior to opening your doors you will want to start advertising grand opening dates and your businesses launch. While you may be spending money with little income at this point it is important to get customers to hear your name before you open your business. This approach will help your business in a variety of ways even if the short-term payoff is little to none.

First off, people are creatures of habit and they like going places where they have been or known previously. By ingraining your brand into your potential customers head early you are already establishing a relationship and building trust with that customer base. The second advantage to advertising early is you can get a few customers who are willing to work with you despite a lack of a location. At this point in the life of your business if you are operating out of your home or garage you will have little to no operating expenses. You can use this to your advantage by lowering your price points enough where customers are willing to take a chance despite your lack of professional appearance. You can then ask for testimonials and reviews in exchange for the deeply discounted rates. You can then use these reviews as a trust building measure for the day you officially open your doors.

When bringing a new business into a community advertising is one of the most important measures a business can use to build a name for itself. Constantly mentioning your name will start to build the trust with your consumer base. It will also help you appear to be more professional then your competition. Not many small to medium size businesses understand the importance of advertising and brand building. This leaves a huge opening for corporations to steal customers from local businesses, despite not being able to provide the customer with the same quality and attention a local business can.

3. Sales, Discounts, Free Trials and Samples

risk free trial
An opening day special will help drive customers to your doors on the launch of your business. Some people only care about final price no matter how good or bad the end result will be. Generally, these are not the people you will want as long-term customers, because they will bargain and hassle with you at every turn. However, you can trade cheaper service for their reviews and personal network. Since they are paying such a low price these customers will expect to be bargained with themselves. Don’t ever give something away for nothing. If you are using this strategy make sure the customer who is benefiting from this low pricing exchange something they can offer your business. Maybe they run a large blog or social media account where they can mention your name, maybe they are on a township committee where they can make recommendations, or they can provide you with a review and testimonial. Whatever you deem to be valuable for your long-term business goals you can take advantage of while offering steep discounts.

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