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How to Impress the Decision Makers

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If you don’t know by now, you should accept the fact that everyone has to start from somewhere. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a company handed to us, and we all could probably spend hours volleying stories of how we paid our dues. Now though, it’s a little easier for individuals to advance within companies, as they show their value in their work. One great way to grow is to impress the decision makers. These are usually the senior level professionals whose workload always seems to grow. While some may be constantly stressed and frantic, others can be cool and collected. Each has their own style in making decisions and coordinating their day. If you are looking for opportunities to escape the confines of the cubicle for a larger space to stretch out in, your best bet is to impress the decision makers. We’ve got four ways to really impress the decision makers you work with, showing you how to melt the coldest of personalities!

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Four Ways to Impress the Decision Makers

More often than not, decision makers have a lot on their mind, constantly considering various factors and hypothetical situations. Because they need to weigh out every pro or con for multiple situations, their time is extremely valuable. Below are four ways that will help you learn to communicate much more efficiently, and impress them in the long-run.

Save Them Time. Obviously this would be the first way to really impress the decision makers. Any way that you can save them time will earn you extra brownie points, especially when it takes them by surprise. If you know that they have to weigh out the risks of a certain campaign or strategy, take the time to do some research to save them time. Make sure you use credible sites and pieces of information, so you don’t make the process even more long-winded.

Offer the Best Value. One factor that is constantly on a decision maker’s mind is cost. It’s one of their biggest concerns, as they have to consider the overhead and bottom line. Another way to really impress the decision maker is to help them with their process by reporting on what are the most cost efficient options or what products would be the most lucrative. This will help them make their decisions much faster and more efficiently, which in turn will demonstrate your value to them and the company.

Be Involved, Take Responsibility. Many times, decision makers will select certain people to work with for a reason. This means they already initially see you as valuable, you just have to continue to support their conjecture. By participating in the process from start to finish, referring to the situation and company as a mutual project will show the decision maker that you are taking some accountability which will definitely impress them.

Answer Their Calls. When a decision maker calls you, it’s important that you answer. They most likely required your reply ten minutes before they called you so wasting extra time will only delay their process. Unless you have a very good reason, you should always pick up a decision maker’s phone call. This type of reliability will definitely impress the decision maker.

As you can see, it’s not a difficult process. It’s actually quite simple to impress the decision maker, you just have to make sure you are doing everything as well as you could be. Always consider the amount of time and overall value of what you are providing them with. Make sure you display reliable traits that will stick out in their minds. Don’t overthink the situation, but think logically. Use your head and best judgement. With our tips and advice you should have no problem impressing the decision maker and advancing in your career!

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