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A Note on Safety and Security – Protecting Against Business Fraud

Business Fraud Protection

business fraud
Earlier this week I was at a job helping a client recover from business fraud. At this point he has been in business for over 30 years building forensic equipment. He was an unfortunate victim to business fraud. The hardest part of the story for me was it was the business owners brother. His own family had betrayed him and embezzled a large amount of funds from the business. Ultimately, this forced him to shut down the company and restructure. He was able to survive these tragic events, but it was an event that almost completely wiped him off the map.

After seeing this I definitely took the time to look over my business and focused on safety and security and protecting my business from fraud. Fraud can happen from the most unsuspecting of characters. Also, someone who is stealing from your business is unlikely to raise any other alarms or red flags. The repercussions from fraud are severe and the trick for the thief is to look squeaky clean. If someones own brother can steal from them, then imagine what a complete stranger can do with no attachment or concern for your well being. This case opened my eyes. I took security of my business very seriously, but I always thought of it as something that happens to someone else. Before meeting this person I never had met anyone who has been a personal victim to identity or business fraud. However, it’s real and it happens and if you do not take the proper precautions to prevent it then it could take your business or you down. The worst part is by the time your realize you have been a victim it’s usually to late.

So how can you protect against business fraud? There are a few things you can do as a small business to help protect your business.

Access To Money And Check Writing

business fraud writing bad checks
Don’t give anyone else the ability to write checks on behalf of your business. In the case I spoke about before the brother was the accountant for the business and he had the ability to cash and write checks on behalf of the company. If you cut off the many different vulnerabilities your business has to fraud you can better protect your investment. One of the easiest ways to steal from someone is if they have given you access to their bank account. Prevent the possibility that someone other than you and your partners can access your bank account and write checks and make withdrawals on your behalf.

Sure Up Your Network Security

Your network is the next vulnerable aspect to your business and that little code your router comes with is not a big enough fence to deter against fraud. Take the proper steps to prevent outside access (or even worse inside access to your network gone awry). Some businesses don’t take the time to make their computers private. If someone has access to your network they can then peek on to every device on that network. Take the time to put in place to proper security measures on each device that will be accessing your network. Especially, the devices that are involved with your financing. Your main computer and cell phone are the perfect places to start. The first step to making them more secure is to turn of the share information with the network feature. On most devices this feature is set to allow other devices on the network to access your devices. If you are operating Windows simply visit your control panel and turn off the ability for other devices on your network to access your computer


keep your passwords safe
If you use the same password or group of passwords for everything then you are making it really easy for someone to crack your passwords. If they know one they know them all. These days we have close to a hundred accounts that we have to remember passwords for and it is next to impossible to remember unique and strong passwords for each account. It’s time to turn to outside help to give you an extra buffer in password security. Programs such as LastPass and KeyPass are designed to make random passwords for each of your accounts and store them so you can conveniently log into any account without having to remember all your passwords. The best part is the passwords these programs generate are so random and obscure that no one would be able to guess them based on any clues or hints they may have access to.


If you don’t already have one you should look into a firewall to protect your network from outside intrusion. Firewalls are designed to protect your network from security threats. First off they limit and restrict the ability of people on your network to visit harmful sites or download harmful files. They also protect your network from the outside in by limiting the ability from outsiders to intrude upon your network. A firewall will help keep your network safe and prevent you from becoming a victim of business fraud.

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Starting A Business While Working a Full Time Job

The Demand Of Starting Your Own Business While Working Full Time

starting a business while working a full time jobIf your thinking about starting your own business chances are you already have a full time job that you need to pay the bills. Starting your own business while working a full time job is demanding on your schedule, brain power, and motivation. When things aren’t going great for your business your other jobs performance will likely be effected as well. I have personally went through this experience and I can be the first person to tell you how taxing it is. While working nearly 20 hour days 7 days a week, not getting enough sleep, demanding deadlines at both jobs can definitely catch up to you. At a certain point it’s hard to tell where one job ends and the other begins. Due to lack of sleep and over work you can confuse schedules and tasks. It is important to be extremely organized, have a game plan and keep your eye on the prize.

In this post I’ll give you a few tips on how to start your own business while working a full time job.

How To Start Your Business While Working

1. Brand Your Business Not Yourself
2. Stay Organized
3. Sleep Whenever Possible
4. Make Sure To Eat Healthy
5. Focus On Whats Really Important
6. Prioritize Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Brand Your Business Not Yourself

While working a full-time job you want your boss and co-workers to know you are working 100%. You don’t want to get fired! By starting your own business and letting your office know you are essentially punching your ticket for that job. It is important you brand your business, but not yourself early on. Keep your co-workers and boss in the dark about your new business so they don’t have any reason to believe you are going to leave (and start looking for replacements), before you are ready to be on your own. The worst thing that can happen to your business is to cut of your initial investments by taking away your only source of income. This can make your business fail even before you start.

2. Stay Organized

time management
The time required to work a full time job and start a business is in the 100 hour a week range. You pretty much will have time to work, eat and sleep. Since your mind will be wired for work all day at two different jobs you need to be extremely organized and take the time to really plan out your goals and aspirations as a business. The only way you will be able to perform at your current job and grow your new business and brand is by keeping a tight schedule and giving yourself realistic expectations for time management.

3. Sleep Whenever Possible

get sleepSleep is the most important aspect to keeping your mind energized and sharp. When you get a chance sleep. Don’t work that extra hour if your sacrifice a safe level of sleep. The first thing to go when you haven’t slept enough is your decision making capabilities. You need to have a razor sharp mind to make the best decisions for your business. This makes getting enough sleep number 1 on your to do list. Some people can get four hours while others need closer to 8. You know your own body well. Get the sleep you need to perform the next day.

4. Make Sure To Eat Healthy

Another proponent of performance is your diet. Take the time to make a hearty breakfast. Make sure you eat healthy through out the day. Eating healthy can give your brain the extra nutrients it needs to meet the demands of your taxing schedule. Things like fast food (even though they may be fast) make you sluggish. Eating fast food constantly will definitely effect your performance in a negative manner.

5. Focus On Whats Really Important

When you first start out everything seems like it’s urgent and needs to get done as soon as possible. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Prioritize the most important items for your business to function and make a list. Get your supply chain down, develop your target customers, build your brand, figure out how you will advertise to reach your customers, and anything else that is super important for your business to function.

6. Prioritize Tasks and Responsibilities

prioritize tasksThe last piece of advice I have is to prioritize your responsibilities. Since your full time job is putting food on the table for you and your family. This is the most important job you currently have. Make sure you don’t fall behind the 8 ball at work and keep up with your responsibilities there. After you have your full time job squared away you can start working on your own business. Make sure to spend the most time doing the most important tasks for your success. If it isn’t absolutely vital then it doesn’t need much time. You can focus on the small things when you are up and running. For now spend the most time getting your supply costs as low as possible, building your brand, building your advertising plan and how you can market to your target customers. Spend some time with your finances and how much money you need to break even, then turn a profit. Don’t focus on things that are not crucial to your success until you have left your full-time job and have time to fine tune your business from the bottom up.

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The Shifting Landscape of Business

Business Is Changing Are You Ready?

the shifting landscape of businessStarting back in 2007 (and even earlier) when the economy collapsed there has been a major shift in how people are doing business. At first it was masked, because people could blame slow seasons on the recession. Even though it may feel like the economy is still slow the stock market has completely rebounded. However, what hasn’t gone down is the unemployment rates. People are still getting fired and laid off. While some were fortunate to see it right away others have been left in the dark.

If we go back to 2004 there was major developments in how the web worked. Sites such as Facebook and YouTube started to appear, and information suddenly became more readily available. Fast forward to today. Search engines such Google, Yahoo and Bing have made it really easy for you to find the information you need. Supplement that with social media sites and you have 100 lifetimes of information available at your finger tips. This is something no one could even dream of a few decades prior.

So how does this change the way people do business? Are you ready for the shifting landscape of business?

To understand how business has changed I’m going to lead with a few examples. First we will talk about your average contractor (for this example we will use a plumber). My second example will be using a new cab company called Uber.
open source business model

Example 1: The Plumber

A few weeks ago I had my hot water heater burn out. Due to my upbringing I always try to learn as much as I can about something before I have to make a major decision that could cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I own my own business and have no previous knowledge or training on plumbing. So I turn to Google to see what I can find. After looking a few web pages and a couple of YouTube videos it turns out there really is only one working part in a water heater. So I quickly learned that the only thing I need to replace is the heating element and it is a part I can get online for under $20.00.

I watched a few YouTube videos and it seemed really easy to replace this coil. But since I’m not a plumber I decided to give the professionals a call and have them do it for me.

The first plumber comes to my house takes a look at my water heater for a few minutes and comes back upstairs. He says your water heater is broken you are going to need to get some replacement parts. We can do this for you would you like to set up an appointment? This will cost $750.00. Since I had already purchased the part online I told the plumber I had the new element. He then tells me yea well you have to get our elements when we do the service. The cost of the replacement part is $450.00. I politely told the plumber that I would think about it and started looking for a new plumber to call.

the plumberThe next plumber comes to my house and we pretty much have the same conversation. It’s going to cost $700.00, and I need to buy the parts through them. I repeat this scenario 3 more times before I finally found a plumber who is willing to come to my house and install the part for me for $75.00.

After this whole experience I started to think about how business was done today and why certain companies w with tried and true business models are failing. It suddenly struck me that people have a lot of information now and they don’t want to be called stupid. No one wants to go to the car dealership and be rung up for parts they don’t even need to replace on their cars. While car repairmen have gotten the brute of the bad wrap in the past people are suddenly realizing this happens in many other industries as well. As a customer I don’t want to be called stupid and if you cannot help me then I will go somewhere else where they can. This brings me my second example.

Example 2: Uber Cab Company

uber cab company
Uber is a new cab company sweeping across the United States. People can use there smart phones or computers to request a cab where ever they are (or even where they will be in the near future). The way Uber works is Cab drivers bid on jobs. After a customer puts in a request for a cab ride the cab drivers (in the Uber network) who are in the area bid on the jobs. Everyone ends up happy because the customer gets the best price and a cab driver gets a sale.

Not so fast. Uber’s business model is very disruptive. With Uber a cab driver can go from earning around $500 a week to over $2,000.00. Once a cab driver is accepted into the Uber network he can get a loan to get his own cab and now he becomes his own business owner. The cab driver knows that since he has to pay off the loan on his new cab he needs to take a certain number of jobs a day to get the money to pay off the loan.

Enter your standard limousine and cab company. These companies are now competing with a company that has a national network and customers can use them everywhere. They don’t have to look up a number and trust someone they have never used before. They can use Uber and get a cab where ever they are or will be. The normal cab companies may think times are slow and blame it on the economy, but that simply isn’t true. The landscape of business has changed. As more customers become familiar with Uber they will slowly start to leave their old cab and limo companies to use a brand they know and trust.

The Shifting Landscape of Business

If we look back at the first example we can see the plumbers business model has been challenged by the rise of the internet and more readily available information. In the second example the standard cab companies business model has been challenged by open sourcing. To see where business is heading we have to combine both examples. First off, due to sites such as YouTube anyone with any experience can quickly become very knowledgeable. The only way for contractors to embrace this change in business is to realize the customer has become infinitely smarter and the customer doesn’t want to be called dumb to their face. A contractor has to find a way to add value to their service to retain customers.

In the second example the limo and cab companies business model has been completely upended by open sourcing. Open sourcing is possible because of a fast internet and the ability for people to get information and use that information in a quick and reliable matter. The internet has given way to a relatively new business model. While the internet is not new the concepts of business that companies are exploring today revolve around scaling and open sourcing. Since the customer is now armed with more knowledge then ever before companies have to find ways to add value while making the customer feel comfortable with the price and service. Business has been changed forever. Are you ready for the change?

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How New Businesses Can Build Trust With New Customers

Why Do Businesses Need A Trustworthy Brand Name?

build trustAs a new business one of the toughest hurdles to overcome is building a trustworthy brand that customers can trust. Even if you are one of the most talented in your industry, without building your brand target customers don’t know if they can trust your brand. New business owners are constantly focuses on how they can get customers into their business when the doors open. Without building trust with your consumer base this could lead to an embarrassing failure.

In today’s post I will discuss strategies you can use to build trust with your customers.

Strategies For Building Trust

1. Customer Reviews
2. Advertising
3. Sales and Discounts
4. Customer Service
5. Free Trials / Samples

1. Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews and Testimonials are extremely important for a new business. When I first started my business I had a few people ask me if they were my first customer. When I answered no they were glad to hear that they weren’t the guinea pig. I directed them to my Google Plus and Yelp Reviews so they could see what I was able to do with other clients. Luckily, I had the luxury of bringing a few clients from my past job with me to my new business. These were people I had worked with for a long time and they trusted me personally, not necessarily my brand. Through these initial customers I was able to generate a significant amount of positive reviews and that helped me get my first round of new clients. Not only did I have my potential new clients read my reviews and testimonials, but I also was able to get them to contact my original clients so they could talk to them about my work. However, not every new business owner has this luxury.

customer reviews
To get an initial wave of reviews and testimonials you will have to think outside the box. You may offer services free of charge or steeply discounted (Tip 5) to friends, family members or acquaintances. I would recommend beginning this process before you even open your doors. Just because your grand opening is the official launch of your business doesn’t mean you have to wait to accept new customers. Get the initial wave of customers as soon as possible so you can provide potential new customers with security and faith that you can successfully accomplish their needs. In my example above no one wants to be the first guinea pig and people feel more safe when they know you have past successes.

2. Advertising

advertising to build trust
About 3 months prior to opening your doors you will want to start advertising grand opening dates and your businesses launch. While you may be spending money with little income at this point it is important to get customers to hear your name before you open your business. This approach will help your business in a variety of ways even if the short-term payoff is little to none.

First off, people are creatures of habit and they like going places where they have been or known previously. By ingraining your brand into your potential customers head early you are already establishing a relationship and building trust with that customer base. The second advantage to advertising early is you can get a few customers who are willing to work with you despite a lack of a location. At this point in the life of your business if you are operating out of your home or garage you will have little to no operating expenses. You can use this to your advantage by lowering your price points enough where customers are willing to take a chance despite your lack of professional appearance. You can then ask for testimonials and reviews in exchange for the deeply discounted rates. You can then use these reviews as a trust building measure for the day you officially open your doors.

When bringing a new business into a community advertising is one of the most important measures a business can use to build a name for itself. Constantly mentioning your name will start to build the trust with your consumer base. It will also help you appear to be more professional then your competition. Not many small to medium size businesses understand the importance of advertising and brand building. This leaves a huge opening for corporations to steal customers from local businesses, despite not being able to provide the customer with the same quality and attention a local business can.

3. Sales, Discounts, Free Trials and Samples

risk free trial
An opening day special will help drive customers to your doors on the launch of your business. Some people only care about final price no matter how good or bad the end result will be. Generally, these are not the people you will want as long-term customers, because they will bargain and hassle with you at every turn. However, you can trade cheaper service for their reviews and personal network. Since they are paying such a low price these customers will expect to be bargained with themselves. Don’t ever give something away for nothing. If you are using this strategy make sure the customer who is benefiting from this low pricing exchange something they can offer your business. Maybe they run a large blog or social media account where they can mention your name, maybe they are on a township committee where they can make recommendations, or they can provide you with a review and testimonial. Whatever you deem to be valuable for your long-term business goals you can take advantage of while offering steep discounts.

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The Importance of Building Your Brand

The Struggle for Business Owners To Build Their Brand

building your brandBranding is an essential business skill for small to medium business owners. The problem is very few actually know how to do it. I talked to 10 small business owners this past week and only 1 out of 10 actually knew the importance of PR and building their brand. (As a side note I would have to say this one business owner was an outlier. She managed the marketing of an extremely successful product at a major international pharmaceutical company, and has recently ventured out on her own). For the rest of the business owners I spoke with it was common that they were experts in their craft, but their business skills were far from exceptional. Running a small business is tough you have to become a master at so many different things, including what you actually went into business for.

With that being said there are few things (if any) that are more important to a business then sales. Things like accounting, inventory, scheduling, book keeping can all be done by outside services for a reasonable price and with great accuracy and effectiveness. Marketing, however, is an ongoing circus for a business owner, and there is actually less people suited to do it for your business then you would think. First off, no one knows your business as well as you. Chances are you are also probably an expert in your industry and have a lot of Useful information you can share. Secondly, the best marketing experts still need the knowledge of the expert to do their job to the fullest. That’s because building a brand is about providing the customer with the right information at the right time to make the best purchase decision.

Distinguishing Your Brand in Your Industry

brand differentiationThe key to building brand awareness is to spread useful knowledge about your product or service without making it a sales pitch every time. Sometimes it’s best not to ram it down the consumers throat. If you are advertising correctly they will see and recognize your brand and begin to trust you. There is a weird side effect from branding. Even if someone has never personally seen or been to your business they will start to trust you if they see your name keep popping up. Huge corporations thrive off this principal.

To be perfectly however, as small business usually has more skill, can offer higher quality, better customer support, and compete closely in price to huge corporations. The problem is the consumer just doesn’t know they exist. For instance, a persons computer breaks and they need to get it fixed. For a service like this they don’t even have to go online because they know about Geek Squad. Even if your business is doing well on Google or Bing in your area you may be missing a huge customer base because you haven’t promoted your brand thoroughly, and overtime the customer has started been influenced to trust the competition.

Here is the problem though. Is Geek Squad at Best Buy really the best place to get your computer fixed? The answer to this question is astonishingly, NO! First off Geek Squads main goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible. They price their services so high that it makes sense to just buy a new computer instead of getting it fixed. Also the support staff in Geek Squad is not very knowledgeable in computer repair. Anything that is really complex will be outsourced. The other problem is most of their staff comprises of high school and college kids that are looking to make money to pay for school. Their main objective is to learn enough to make commission or sales, but have no where near the talent of skill of a full time technician/small business owner. So basically, customers are paying twice as much for a service that is maybe 20% as good as a local small business computer repair store would be. To the customer however, this illusion has been seeded in their brain over a long period of years. Constant branding and advertising has it sunk into the consumers head that Geek Squad is the first thought when it comes to computer problems.

How To Win The Branding War

winning the branding warAs a marketer you main job is to point out massive flaws in your competition, while highlighting your own strengths. You can spend much more time developing your brand in your local market then your corporate competition can (they have to many other places to worry about). Other local business owners run occasional mailers, newspaper ads, and radio commercials. And as I noted previously, not many small business owners invest enough time in branding. You can dominate your local market by budgeting wisely and using your network and resources to hammer your name into the customers head and gain their trust through building your brand.

There are a few ways to do branding. First off you need to think about what your target customers are listening to, reading, or watching. Once you have decided where you can reach your market you need to create a campaign that can grab their attention and build trust. Going back to our computer repair example, not everyone you reach is going to have a broken computer. All those people with working computers are not going to need your services. However, the more they hear and see your name the better chance you have of gaining their business if they know your brand and associate it with computer repair. At this moment you want the customer to think of your business not Geek Squad as their first option.

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Creating a Killer Business Model

Why You Need to create A Business Model

business modelNo one goes into business to be the same as everyone else (if you are you may want to rethink opening a business). Creating a business model before you begin operations can help you set early goals for your business. This will also help you establish your value proposition and keep your business heading in the right direction. Early on new business owners are often overwhelmed with work. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. With all the commotion it is possible you can get off track and focus on things that aren’t absolutely vital to your success. By generating a business model you can keep yourself on track, define goals, craft strategies, and differentiate your business from your competitors.

How To Create A Business Model

To develop your business model you will need to think about a few important elements for your success. These include:

•Key Partners
•Key Activities
•Value Proposition
•Customer Relationships
•Customer Segment
•Key Resource
•Cost Structure
•Revenue Stream

Key Partners

Who are your key partners and suppliers going to be? As you develop your business model you will need to decide if you are going to produce high quality, cost effective, or a balance between the two. Understanding what you are trying to accomplish will help you establish relationships with key partner businesses. Before you even purchase any product from them you can start developing these relationships to get better pricing, faster delivery, or great customer service. Building partner relationships will help create a much smoother supply chain when your under tight deadlines and constant pressure from customers and clients. By prepping the partnership you can help the other partners understand what you are trying to accomplish and clearly define what you nee from their business.

Key Activities

Your business main operations. This will clearly define what you are going to do as a business. It’s simple to say we are going to sell widgets. When developing a business model you really want to narrow down what your core service will be. Define what your key activities need to be to meet your value proposition (see next section). You will also use your key activities to guide your businesses key relationships. This step will help you define your revenue stream will be, your value proposition, and develop initial customer relationships.

Value Proposition

value propositionYour businesses value proposition is what makes you different from your competition. Your value proposition will state what you will be doing differently then the competitors and how this business can serve your target customers better then the current competitors do. For your value proposition you need to first figure out if you will be competing based on quality or price. After you decide the core principals of your business you can then begin to define what else makes your business different. In this step you want to develop your key differentiation such as having excellent customer service, a faster turnaround time, or a new solution to an industry wide problem.

For instance, if we take a look at the automobile market BMW makes performance cars while Toyota makes economy cars. Both businesses are extremely successful at reaching their target market. However, each brand stands for something different. BMW stands for a luxurious car that is a little sporty and can be a great ride. Toyota stands for a car that will get you from A to B, with little maintenance, great fuel economy, and cost effective. Each business has a core set of principals that if follows to create value for their target customer. While price can be an important part of a customers decision to purchase one brand or the other, it is not the only decision that the customer needs to make. They also need to decide if they want a sporty ride or a comfortable ride. If they have a far commute they may choose Toyota because the car will last longer, with less maintenance, and require less fuel. Each brand has created a value that will appeal to their target customers. By creating value for your business you will better reach your target market by having your product or service fit their particular need.

Customer Relationships

What relationship will the target customer expect from your business? When your generating your business model you will decide if you are going to serve a local, regional, national, or global market. When you pick your target market you can begin to develop and establish protocol for developing your customer relationships. Some businesses have few customers where others have millions. If you are serving only a few customers you will need to spend more time building and maintaining relationships with these key partnerships for your business. If you are serving a national market the communication you have with each customer will decrease significantly.

Customer Segment

customer segmentThis step will help you decide what customers you are trying to serve. Every business needs to pick a particular target customer they want to satisfy. It is impossible to satisfy everyone, because everyone does not have the same needs and desires. In your business model clearly define who your optimal customer is going to be. This will help guide everything else about your business. The target customer will help you decide how you can best serve this customer and what you are going to need to get them interested. Your customer segment defines who your most important customer is and who you are creating value for.

Cost Structure

Your cost structure will help you determine what the key costs for your business will be. This will also decide what the most expensive resources and activities are. By understanding your cost structure you can generate a break even point and develop projections to see how much revenue you will need to generate to be profitable. Your costrevenue streams structure will help you develop your core services around the most profitable operations for your business. Based on the relationships you developed you may be getting a better price on a certain part or piece used in your operations that leads to a more profitable product. After deciding your most profitable products or services you can better understand who your target customers will be and how you can reach them.

Revenue Stream

The revenue steam is the lifeblood of any business. During this stage of your business model you will determine what a customer is willing to pay for the value you have created. You can analyze what they currently pay and how they would prefer to pay. You will also see how each revenue stream will contribute to overall revenue.

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