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Ways To Make Extra Money Online

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The Many Ways To Make Extra Money Online

Make Extra Money OnlineIf you need to make extra money outside of your regular job or don’t work a regular job, there are many ways to make extra money online.  You just need to know where to go online to find legitimate money making opportunities.  There are many different ways to put your skills and talents to work to make money via the Internet, including:  writing, videos, photography, art, selling things as a third-party seller, or selling things you create yourself.  There are even opportunities to make extra income by reviewing products or taking surveys online or to just provide links back to products that people want to buy.  One of the great things about making money online is that you can work at your own pace when you have extra time, instead of having to conform to a work schedule.

Ways To Make Extra Money Online Writing

Yahoo Contributor Network
There are numerous ways to make some extra money as a writer.  For those who like to engage in free-form writing, there are sites such as HubPages, Squido, Wizzley, and Bubblews that allow people to write about just about any topic within reason.  For those who like to write about financial topics, a site called SeekingAlpha is a good place to publish articles that cover a plethora of financial topics.  These sites typically pay writers based on the number of views and advertising clicks their articles receive.  For more serious writers, Yahoo offer a writer’s network call the Yahoo Contributor Network that allows writers to publish articles under the Yahoo banner with exposure to the huge Yahoo Internet portal.  Writers that publish on the Yahoo Contributor Network are paid up-front payments and performance bonuses, based on the traffic their work receives.

Ways To Make Extra Money Online Making Videos

One of the first ways that people made money on the Internet was by publishing their own videos on YouTube and collecting a share of the advertising revenue.  YouTube and a number of other video publishing sites offer ways to make money by making videos and publishing them through their sites.  Video publishers are paid based on how many advertisements are clicked on as viewers watch their videos.  Other video sites besides YouTube that provide ways to monetize videos online, include:  Break.Com,, FlixYa.Com, and Dailymotion.Com.

Ways To Make Extra Money Online Selling Photography

These days, you do not need to have an art exhibition at a local coffee house to sell photography, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  There are many websites that allow photographers to upload their photographs and put them up for sale as stock photos that anyone can purchase.  The photographs have to meet certain quality standards to be accepted.  One accepted, the amount of money made depends upon how many people pay for a copy of the photographs and download them.  Sites that offer this online money making opportunity include:,,, and

Make Extra Money Online Selling Things Online

The Internet has opened up plentiful opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell all sorts of items online.  Using common sites such as and, it is very easy to get started selling just about anything online.  The Internet provides a worldwide marketplace to sell.  The key is to have products people want to buy.

You can even get a cut of the action from sites such as and without actually selling things, by joining their affiliate marketing programs and linking back to products on their sites from your own articles. Websites, or blogs.  Each time someone enters or via one of your referring links, you can make a commission on any money the customer spends on the sites.

There are also a number of sites, such as that are geared towards selling homemade crafts.  These sites are wildly popular with people who like to buy hand made arts and crafts.  Other sites similar to include:, and  There is even a site called that provides a marketplace for selling homemade food items online.

Other Ideas For Making Extra Money Online

Mechanical TurkSome other ideas for making money online include:

  • Perform various tasks to help businesses improve their websites and conduct marketing research via a site run by Amazon called Mechanical Turk
  • Take surveys to help companies with their product research and marketing efforts.  Some of the many survey sites include:  SurveySavvy, American Consumer Opinion, Pinecone Research, Ipsos Isay Panel, Only Cash Surveys, Survey Spot, Opinion Outpost, Mindfield Online, and Valued Opinions.
  • Be a mystery shopper online and help companies improve the shopping experience for people who shop on their websites.  Visit the Mystery Shopper Providers Associations website for links to websites that arrange mystery shopping.
  • Review music to help promote and rate music for the music industry.  A site called Slice The Pie pays you for your music reviews.
  • Review a wide variety of consumer products on sites such as Epinions and get paid for your opinion and reviews.

Persistence Is The Key To Making Money Online

Keep in mind that you are unlikely to make a lot of money quickly online.  While articles or videos occasionally go viral and make the creator a lot of money in a short amount of time, those instances are rather rare in the grand scheme of things.  Just come up with a game plan and stick to it.  Over time, you will increase your earnings as you expand your online earning ventures.  Make sensible adjustments to your online money making game plan along the way to makes changes as markets and consumer tastes change.  Keep an open mind and learn from your mistakes.  Take advantage of the plentiful free advice available about how to make money online.  Over time, you too will be one of the millions of people who make money online every day and supplement their income.

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