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Ways To Make Money On Amazon and eBay

There are many ways to make money on Amazon and eBay.   Some are active and involve a lot of effort, while others are passive and involve minimal effort. The important thing is to understand the different ways to make money on Amazon and eBay, so you can join the millions of people that are supplementing their income by making money on these popular online shopping venues.

Despite an economic recovery that began years ago, times are still tough for many people. The financial demands of modern life are often just too much to be covered by a regular job. This has lead millions of people to turn to the Internet to find ways to make money. The good news is that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. Amazon and eBay are two of the most high-profile web portals that anyone can quickly start making money by either using them or referring business to them.

How To Make Money On Amazon

Amazon Store

The active way to make money on Amazon is to open up an Amazon Store and sell items directly to the public. This may seem daunting; however, it really is not all that difficult. Amazon makes it very easy to open an online store through their site. The difficult part is figuring out which items the public is looking for that will generate sales through your Amazon Store. You need to find items that the public wants and cannot be purchased easily at a local store. You will have to buy items in bulk at wholesale cost from a manufacturer or supplier. Once you have them on hand, you can start selling them through your Amazon Store.

The passive way to make money on Amazon is to write articles about products sold on Amazon and include advertisements within the articles back to the products on Amazon. Or you could place advertistments for Amazon products on websites that you control.   You do not have to have to sell the products directly or even know the people that are selling the products.   You just need to set up an affliate account with Amazon and include your affiliate code in the links, so you get credit if someone is referred from one of your advertisements.

If products are purchased by a person who was led to the product on Amazon through one of your referral advertisements, you get paid a comission that ranges from 3% to 10%. Amazon sweetens this arragement by paying you a commision based on a referred customer’s entire purchase. This can lead to significant earnings. For example, if you write an article about gardening tips, and someone follows a referral advertisement link alongside your article to order a gardening book on Amazon, and then goes ahead and buys the $30 book and $200 worth of gardening supplies, you will earn a commission on the entire order $230. Not a bad way to earn som extra money.

How To Make Money Using eBay

EbayThe active way to make money on eBay is by becoming an eBay seller by opening an eBay Store. Find items that the public wants and sell them directly to them through eBay.

Do your homework and be determined. Doing some research regarding which products sell well on eBay and how to properly sell them will go a long way in ensuring that you are a successful eBay seller. Use the tools that eBay provides that allow you to see what products are trending towards becoming more popular and which products are currently selling the greatest amount. Try to think ahead of the curve.   Read articles and talk to people to identify products that are currently hot and ones that are just starting to get popular. Then, figure out a way to buy them wholesale at a low enough price points that you can profit by selling them on eBay.

Although it is not entirely necessary, start out by selling products that you feel strongly about and know a lot about. You will naturally do a better job selling something you believe in and understand thoroughly.

Market the items you have for sale on eBay by building a Facebook page that features your store. Another good way to market products you have for sale on eBay is by creating a website or blog that discusses your products to drive traffic to your product offerings in your eBay Store.

It is very important to add well written product descriptions and photographs for the products you sell on eBay. Professional looking product descriptions and photographs will serve to increase your chances of getting users to view and purchase your products. Make sure you include relevant keywords in product descriptions, so users find them when searching.

The passive way to make money on eBay is to place ads for eBay products on the Internet or write articles about products sold on eBay and include advertisements within the articles that focus on relevant products sold on eBay. Make sure you have a referral account set upwith eBay and link back properly to products on eBay to get credits, if anyone purchases a product from one of your ads or articles.

Tips Regarding Making Money On Amazon and eBay

TerapeakThe more you put into selling products on Amazon and eBay, the more money you will make. Use the site’s tools to figure out what products are hot. Go beyond the sites and use third-party tools, such as, which analyzes all sales on Amazon and eBay. is an excellent tool to determine which are the best products to sell.

You must build a good reputation as an Amazon or eBay seller.   This will take time. It will require you to be prompt with your order deliveries and do well with responding to customer complaints or problems.   Good response times and good customer service will lead to better sales in the long run, since buyers tend to buy from sellers with good ratings.

If you are looking for products to sell, check and to see if they have deals on products you can sell.   Also, check local businesses, garage sales, and thrift shops for products that you may be able to sell online.

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