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The True North’s Best Canadian Gold Companies

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Canadian Gold Companies Worth a Look

canadian gold companies

Canadian gold companies are some of the most reputable and lucrative gold companies in which to invest. With proper research, you can find some phenomenal investment opportunities through these companies. The following list of four includes some of the best and most prolific Canadian gold companies.

•  GoldCorp Inc (TSX: G)

•  Kinross (TSX: K)

•  gnico-Eagle Mines (TSX: AEM)

•  Yamana Gold (TSX: YRI)


These companies top the lists of smart gold investments, due to their reliable growth and stable practices. Any one of them would probably make a sound investment choice. There is one more company, however, which outperforms the rest.

The Best of the Best Canadian Gold Companies

The outstanding superstar of these Canadian gold companies is an easy pick. Barrick Gold Corp. (TSX: ABX) is the world’s largest gold mining company, and Barrick really shows how it earned that rank in recent earnings reports. The company’s second quarter net earnings were posted at $1.2 billion, up from last year’s reported $852 million. That number also means a 35% rise in earnings this year. Cost per share was $1.16, outperforming the analysts’ $1.08 per share prediction.

Investing in Precious Metal

Values of precious metals have been on the rise for more than a decade now, with no sign of stopping. Gold is leading the way, clocking in at more than $1600 per ounce. Analysts predict that gold prices will reach at least $2000 per ounce by the end of 2011. The gold stock market is following suit, with investors reaping hefty returns.

If there was ever a time to invest in gold, it is now. If there was ever a company to invest in, that company would be Barrick Gold Corp. Do not be tempted to think that the gold ship has sailed without you. Prices are still soaring, and there is no time like the present to jump on board with one of these steady and smart Canadian gold companies.

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