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The Best Oil Stocks: A Solid Buy For Any Investor

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Why Buy the Best Oil Stocks

As many natural resources grow scarce, the best oil stocks are set to increase in value. While this may seem like a contradiction, there are a number of economic factors at play that make growth not only possible, but probable. After all, rarity is usually connected to market demand, which leads to a rise in prices. In the midst of poor world economic conditions, however, many wonder if the rising fuel costs will be able to sustain themselves. Experts agree that in the United States, at least, the answer continues to be, “Yes.” This is largely because of the so-called stimulus package, which has kept the economy going, even though general household income levels have fallen and the number of families requiring food stamps has increased by 16% over the last year. If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to invest, however, now is the perfect time to buy the best oil stocks. With QE2 continuing to push inflation higher, buying low now may result in a high sale later on.

What Are the Best Oil Stocks?

best oil stocks

There are a number of companies to watch out for in the coming year, and a number of things to consider before you make an investment. The main factor to look at is a company’s balance sheet. It is best to go with an investment that is stable and has room for continued growth. It is best to invest in a company that allows its customers to benefit from inflation. Many experts have slated Devon Energy Corporation as a solid investment, due to its 52 week high and its lack of resistance until one hundred dollars. The Chesapeake Energy Corporation is another company worth looking at, due to its expansion over the last year. It has recently signed on with Bakken Shale, Eagle Ford Shale and Niobrara Shale. ConocoPhillips is another major player that could be a strong investment opportunity. Its 8.8 price-to-earnings, coupled with its current trading discounts, make it one of the best oil stocks currently on the market.

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