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Types Of Green Energy Investments

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Biofuels as Green Energy Investments

green energy investments

Biofuels have a long-term potential as green energy investments. While oil is sure to remain in use for a long time to come, few people doubt that biofuels and other green energy investments are the eventual successors of this fossil fuel. One biofuel that is already being utilized across the world is ethanol, which is made from corn, beets or sugar cane.

In the United States, it is already common to mix ethanol with gasoline during part of the year in order to reduce certain emissions and reduce the consumption of oil. The ethanol in use in the United States is mostly made from corn, which this country can produce in abundance. In Brazil, there are even vehicles, which run entirely on this biofuel.

The possibilities for green energy investments in biofuels are endless, just as is the supply of biofuels. While the supply of oil is doomed to run out someday, biomass and associated wastes are always with us. They grow naturally and are always renewable. Even wastes found in landfills can be used to create methane, which is another type of biofuel.

Other Green Energy Investments

Other green energy investments that will draw more and more attention as time goes by are solar power companies, hydroelectricity plants, wind turbines and geothermal energy schemes. After the disaster in Japan, many countries are trying to speed up their conversion to green energy. They want to avoid the emissions from oil and coal. They also want to remove their dependence on nuclear power, which is cleaner than oil or coal but potentially much more dangerous.

Opportunities for green energy investments will continue to expand as time goes by. They are still in a distant second place to fossil fuels. However, most investors recognize that green energy investments have nowhere to go but up.

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