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Silver Prices Suggest Future Advances

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Silver Prices

Silver Prices and Your Precious Metals Investments

Making a change in your investment portfolio now could garner some serious earnings for you if silver prices live up to their possibilities. This precious metal is often overlooked by people coming freshly into the market because they are dazzled by gold prices. However, gold may have hit a ceiling. Prices are so phenomenally high right now that many experts foresee a great deal of resistance if prices try to inch forward.

On the other hand, every bit of historical data suggests that silver prices have a lot of ground to gain. Silver usually holds second place behind gold at a certain ratio of values in gold’s favor. Presently, gold is fifty times more valuable than silver.

This low performance for silver prices is unusual. The price of silver is customarily closer to gold in proportion. If the distance between these prices were to return to something more ordinary, such as a 20-to-one ratio, then silver investors would more than double their money.

Historical Silver Prices

Silver has already given us some signs of covering this distance. At the turn of the century, an ounce of silver went for an incredibly low $4. It has since increased in value magnificently and is now trading for more than $30. This performance is due both to high demand for silver in industrial and technological manufacturing and to its service as a jewelry setting as well.

Like gold, silver went through a summer doldrums stage just a few months ago. Many observers began to talk about a precious metals bubble. However, gold and silver prices have since recovered all of that the lost ground and gained some additional value as well.

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