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When It Comes To Silver Stocks Canada Has Moved On

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The Mid Cap Silver Stocks Canada Loves

silver stocks canada

When it comes to silver stocks Canada has always been a major player just as it has in many other extractive industries. The times always change, however, as do environmental standards. In the current market, most of the larger cap Canadian silver stocks have gone south in search of higher quality reserves that are recoverable at lower prices.

While Central and South American Countries Supply The Mines For These Silver Stocks Canada Provides Management and Expertise

One of the Toronto-listed mining stocks that still holds at least a foothold in Canada proper is Silver Standard, TCX:SSO. Silver Standard has diversified its operations all the way from the Great Slave Lake nearly to Tierra del Fuego. SSO’s primary operation is at the Pirquitas mine in northern Argentina. With production just recently underway, Pirquitas expects to produce 8-10 million ounces of silver and 10-12 million pounds of zinc on an annualized basis. The cash flow from this mine has been plowed back into exploratory and development ventures in Ecuador, Mexico, the United States and even up at their Sunrise Lake facility in northern Canada.

Among the many expatriate silver stocks Canada incorporates is Vancouver-based Endeavour Silver, TCX:EDR. Endeavour extracts approximately 3.3 million ounces of silver and 17,000 ounces of gold from its Guanacevi and Guanajuato Mines in Mexico. Endeavour sports a particularly attractive recovery cost of just $5.71 an ounce and expects efficiency improvements to drive that cost down to an even $5.50 an ounce. No matter how low the market price of silver falls, Endeavor is likely to remain in operation at any price due to this low margin. Future growth prospects are very bright down in the sunny south. Both of these companies are silver stocks Canada can and should be proud of.

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