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Using Forex Trading Techniques to Limit Losses and Maximize Gains

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An Introduction to Forex Trading Techniques

Forex Trading TechniquesYour forex trading techniques should be different from the techniques that you use to trade other investments. You have to take into account the longer hours of the forex market. You also have to remember that you make money based on the way two currencies lose or gain value in comparison to each other. There are three forex trading techniques, which can help you manage these new parameters of trading.

Three Forex Trading Techniques

•             Hedging

In other situations, people might consider hedging as dishonest. Essentially, hedging means that you take opposing positions on a currency pair. As an example, imagine that you want to go short on USD /EUR. After you initiating the short, the pair begins to look unexpectedly strong. To protect yourself, you can balance by going short on a pair that includes one of those currencies but is tending in the opposite direction.

•             Position Trading

Position trading is a little complicated but it is another great way to limit losses when things appear to be going bad. If you make a short trade on USD/CHF at 1.31, you have some insurance if the pair suddenly trends upward. You can take another short at 1.33. The average of the two positions is 1.32. Once the pair drops back below that average, you will be in position to make a profit again.

•             Scalping

 Like the other forex trading techniques, scalping sounds a little dishonest. However, it can be very good for your wallet and your peace of mind. This technique is best when used by an expert because you can lose a lot. When you scalp, you use high leverage to make short-term trades. The trades may last as long as a few hours but typically endure for just a few seconds. Unlike the other forex trading techniques, scalping is aimed at making profits rather than limiting losses.

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