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Stay Buzzed with Coffee Futures

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Coffee Futures: The Investment of the Future

Coffee Futures

There is no doubt that coffee futures continue to be some of the most popular investments on the commodities market. This is because the coffee market continues to grow at an alarming pace, in spite of a number of setbacks. Unpredictable weather and a continuously poor global economy have meant that coffee has been struggling over the last couple years. Growing conditions fluctuate from season to season, producing irregular crops, and many people have become unwilling to pay over $5 for a cup of coffee. That said, a new generation of coffee roasters and brewers has recently hit the scene and coffee is rapidly gaining popularity again. These new pioneers are being called the Third Wave of coffee makers. Their roasts are generally lighter and more complex than the dark roasts that have been so popular since the mid 1990’s. While the type of roast and style of brew may not be directly connected to coffee futures, there is a correlation. These light, complex roasts have awoken a new group of coffee drinkers to the joys of java and have started to revitalize the coffee market.

What Are the Best Coffee Futures?

Finding the best coffee futures today is no more difficult that in was ten years ago. While the largest coffee chains continue to suffer losses, many of the smaller, Third Wave shops are starting to expand. The best way to choose your coffee futures is to start at these up-and-coming chains and follow their beans back to the source. Find out which growers sell them their bean and which origins are most popular. Many of these roasters source their beans from ethical growers who pay their workers fair wages. If you find a plantation that sells fair trade beans, you may find yourself coffee futures that are worth the investment.

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