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Feel the Trade Winds with Velocity Futures

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Trade Velocity Futures

Velocity Futures

Over the last few years, Velocity Futures has made an undeniable impact on the futures market. In the scientific world, velocity is a term used to describe the speed of a moving object. The Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) of the same name uses the term to describe the speed at which futures contracts increase in value and the speed at which your portfolio will expand. While every stock merchant on the market claims to make huge returns for their customers, Velocity has a surprisingly good track record. Although they serve a range of investors, they specialize in services for high-volume traders. Their screen-based trading system works particularly well for traders transitioning from the equities market to the futures market. While you do have to be an active trader in order to use Velocity’s services, you do not have to have a great deal of experience. Velocity serves professional traders as well as experienced non-professionals and even introducing brokers. Whether you are a professional trader on the futures market or you are just starting a brokerage business, Velocity Futures can provide you with solid FCM services.


 Velocity Futures: A Number of Benefits


If you are a high-volume trader, it can be greatly beneficial to buy from a merchant that specializes in high-volume sales. That said, there are a number of additional benefits to working with Velocity. They offer $500 Intra-day margins for a number of margins, including E-minis. All of their customers are given free access to X-Trader, one of the best electronic trading platforms made for professionals.  FIX connections and NINJA Trader are also available to all customers. The biggest benefit, however, is the vast range of futures stocks that customers can access. Oil, natural gas, electricity and a range of agricultural futures can all be traded on ICE and NYMEX. There are few services as well tailored to the professional futures trader as those offered by Velocity Futures.

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