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Biggest NASDAQ Stock Gainers of 2015

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The Advantages of Knowing The Biggest NASDAQ Stock Gainers of 2015


Knowing the biggest NASDAQ stock gainers of 2015 can get you into stocks that have strong Relative Strength Indexes (RSIs) and may continue to race higher. Knowing which NASDAQ stocks are currently hot can also point you towards stock sectors that provide good trading opportunities.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) measure’s a stocks momentum, while hot stock sectors often provide trading opportunities in companies in the sector that have not yet run higher. A good place to start to find strong Relative Strength Index (RSI) stocks and hot stock sectors is by studying the current stock gainers.   While there are many stock markets and stock quotation systems, the NASDAQ is one of the best stock markets for trading opportunities, and therefore it is a wise move for traders to understand which NASDAQ stocks are on the current leaderboard.

Using The Relative Strength Index With The Biggest NASDAQ Stock Gainers of 2015

Relative Strength IndexWhen you figure out which are the biggest NASDAQ stock gainers of 2015, the next thing you want to know is whether or not they have more room to run higher. While there is no way to know that for certain, there are momentum indicators that can be used to get an idea about which stocks may be running out of momentum and which ones may have more room to move higher.

One of the best momentum indicators is the Relative Strength Index. This indicator essentially calculates the magnitude of recent gains in a stock.   The results of this calculation can be used to gauge whether a stock that is in the process of making a run higher may have more room to run, or if it should be avoided in favor of another stock.

For the purposes of trading NASDAQ stock gainers, there are the two things you need to know when using the Relative Strength Index momentum indicator.

  • If a momentum stock is between 50 and 70 on the Relative Strength Index, it is an indication that the stock experiencing a strong rally higher. This is a buy signal from the Relative Strength Index indicator. NASDAQ stock gainers that are within 50 and 70 on the Relative Strength Index remain a buy.
  • If a momentum stock is above the 70 level on the Relative Strength Index, it is an indication that the rally is getting extended and may be nearing a peak. This is a sell signal from the Relative Strength Index indicator. While it is not impossible for NASDAQ stock gainers to keep moving higher when the 70 level on the Relative Strength Index is exceeded, the indicator is not indicating that it is within its buy range.

Another thing to keep track of is volume, as a stock that has a decreasing volume trend while making new highs may be getting worn out and be ready for a sell-off. Conversely, a high volume day that accompanies a spike after a long run higher may indicate that a stock is experiencing a blow-off top and is making a near-term top. Essentially, there is more to assessing whether a momentum stock has more room to rally to higher levels than just checking the Relative Strength Index reading.

The Biggest NASDAQ Stock Gainers of 2015

Glu MobileThe following is a sampling of the biggest NASDAQ stock gainers of 2015. The biggest stock gainers of 2015 that trade on the NASDAQ stock market include stocks from the medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and gaming sectors.

  • Genetic Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: GENE) is an Australia-based company that has its American Depository Receipt (ADR) shares listed on the NASDAQ.   GENE has gained over 130% in 2015.   The company provide genetic testing for various types of cancer, including ovarian, bowel, breast, uterine, and prostate cancer. It also tests the human genetic makeup for neurological diseases. The impressive 2015 run has happened despite the fact that the company underwent a 1 for 5 reverse stock split during late January 2015 to stay on the NASDAQ stock market. It is hard to keep a good stock down, and all the good news GENE has released about expanding its diagnosis/treatment centers during 2015 has boosted it share price.
  • Exelixis Inc. (NASDAQ: EXEL) is a biopharmaceutical company that has seen an over 90% increase in its stock price since the beginning of 2015. The company is developing cancer treatments, with a current focus on thyroid cancer treatments. It also developing treatments for other cancers, such as melanoma.   The company’s technology delivers cancer treatments via small molecule therapies.
  • Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CBMG) is up nearly 150% so far during 2015. The company develops biomedicine treatments that treat cancers and degenerative diseases. Its approach to treatments involve cell-based therapies that treat chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer, osteoarthritis, tissue damage, various inflammatory diseases, and metabolic diseases.
  • Glu Mobile Inc.   (NASDAQ: GLUU) has seen a rise of over 25% since the year began. The company develops and markets a wide variety of video games for smart phones and tablets. It is constantly churning out games to a receptive world-wide audience of gamers. The company caught Wall Street’s attention during 2014 when it published a mobile game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood that is based on the reality TV star.   The Kardashian game alone raked in $74.3 million in revenue for the company during 2014. No small feat for a company that makes video game apps.

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