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Biggest Penny Stock Gainers of 2015

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Why It Is Important To Know The Biggest Penny Stock Gainers of 2015

Biggest Penny Stock Gainers

Knowing the biggest penny stock gainers of 2015 is a good way to ensure that you are focusing on the types of penny stocks that have potential to make big moves higher. This list includes a wide variety of penny stocks that are involved in many different types of businesses.

One reason to develop an understanding of the biggest penny stock gainers of 2015 is that patterns can be found regarding which penny stock themes are working in 2015. This information can be acted upon by focusing efforts on stocks within the same business categories as the big winners, as penny stock traders tend to bid up shares in hot business categories (also known as sectors). In other words, knowing which penny stocks have run recently may lead you to penny stocks in the same lines of business that have the potential to run higher. Other traders may not have discovered these similar penny stocks yet, which can allow you to get into penny stocks before they make moves higher.

Biggest Penny Stock Gainers of 2015 | OTC BB Penny Stocks

Blue Water Global GroupThe biggest penny stock gainers of 2015 that trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC BB) stock quotation system include stocks from the restaurant sector and medical sector.

Blue Water Global Group Inc (OTC BB: BLUU) is the leading OTC BB stock so far in 2015 with a 689 percent gain since the beginning of 2015. Blue Water Global Group, Inc. is a start-up that is focusing on developing a chain of casual dining restaurants in the Caribbean region. They are aiming for popular tourist destinations that have a great amount of monetary potential. The company is building its first restaurant in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies, which will be known as the Blue Water Bar & Grill. Blue Water Global Group also commenced selling premium rum, which goes by the name Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum. The company is based in the United States, in Canton, Georgia. Its vision is to create a chain of Caribbean restaurants using the Blue Water Bar & Grill brand that offer a consistency in price and quality that is lacking in the tropical Caribbean region.

Avant Diagnostics Inc (OTC BB: OREOD) is another OTC BB stock with spectacular returns during 2015, with an increase of 679 percent since the first trading day of the year. Avant Diagnostics, Inc. operates as a medical technology company. The company is currently focusing on the commercialization of diagnostic tests that provide early detection of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and other chronic and severe disease conditions. One of its best-known diagnostic tests is called OvaDx, which is a diagnostic screening test that screens for early signs of ovarian cancer.   The company is utilizing the information gained from the human genome sequencing project to develop specialized tests that are used to identify disease conditions early on, so they can be prevented or treated before they progress from the early stages. This will ultimately save patients the agony of enduring illness and save the healthcare industry money on mid to late term disease treatment costs.

Biggest Penny Stock Gainers of 2015 | Pink Sheets Penny Stocks

Great Lakes AviationThe biggest penny stock gainers of 2015 that trade on the Over The Counter Markets (Pink Sheets) stock quotation system include stocks from the precious metals mining, transportation and telecommunications sectors.

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. (OTC Pink: ROYE) has been on a tear since the beginning of the year, with 3,040 increase in share price. Royal Energy Resources is a development stage company that is aiming to explore for mineral resources, such as gold, silver, copper, and rare earth metals. Its currently has mining rights that are located in Romania and the United States, specifically Crook County, Wyoming. It also owns oil and gas leases. The company has a third line of business that involves real estate acquisition in eastern Europe.

KeyOn Communications Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: KEYO) has moved from 5 cents to 12 cents per share since the beginning of the year, a 140 percent move higher. KeyOn Communications is in the telecommunications and Internet service provider sector. It provides services to small underserved rural markets in the western and mid-western areas of the United States. The company provides voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone services and wireless broadband and satellite Internet services. The company’s network covers an area that has the potential to serve up to 2.7 million people, including small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s wireless broadband services cover approximately 62,000 square miles in eleven western and mid-western states, including Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, and Idaho. The company is also a reseller and installer for DISH Network video services.

Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. (OTC Pink: GLUX) has made an impressive move since the beginning of 2015, from 40 cents to 95 cents per share, which is over a 137 percent increase. Great Lakes Aviation operates as Great Lakes Airlines (although it’s service are does not include the Great Lakes region of the United States). The company’s primary hub of operations is Denver, Colorado, with services to many small to medium sized cities in the surrounding states. It also serves some major cities besides its hub city of Denver, including Los Angles, Phoenix and Minneapolis. It has code sharing agreements with United Air Lines and Frontier Airlines, which helps feed passengers into its passenger system. The company also provides charter air services to anyone looking to charter an airline flight. Another source of revenue is cargo, which it carries on its scheduled passenger flights.

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