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Canadian Oil Penny Stocks To Play Oil Sands Boom

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Canadian Oil Penny Stocks

Canadian Oil Penny Stocks Are Part of a Great Tradition

Canada has long been a great place to look for resource related penny stock trading opportunities.  With the oil sands boom in full swing in the Province of Alberta, Canada, Canadian oil penny stocks are a sector that provides good penny stock trading opportunities.  Penny stocks often trade on momentum that requires trader interest to move higher.  It is a good idea to follow the money when looking for penny stock trading opportunities that have the potential for significant gains.  Right now, a lot of money is flowing through the Canadian oil sands, which makes Canadian oil penny stocks ripe with trading opportunities.

Canadian Oil Penny Stocks Associated With Oil Sands

While there are many Canadian oil penny stocks to consider, the following list provides a good sampling of the variety of penny stocks that are available to trade that are associated with Canadian oil sands prospecting, development and production.

– Sonde Resources Corp. (NYSE / AMEX: SOQ) – Sonde Resources Corp. is involved in exploration, acquisition, development, and production of oil and natural gas properties in western Canada.  The company also has some offshore oil interests off the coast of northern Africa.

– Lone Pine Resources Inc (NYSE: LPR) – Lone Pine Resources Inc.’s business is centered around the exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties in Canada, mainly in western Canada, but also in the Province of Quebec.

– Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc. (OTC Markets: DWOG) – Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc., is an oil and natural gas exploration and development company in Canada.  The company is involved in oil and natural gas development, from the initial exploration and development to production and sale of raw oil and natural gas.  The company’s oil and natural gas assets are primarily in the north central region of the Province of Alberta, in the heart of the oil sands region.

– TAMM Oil & Gas Corp. (OTC Markets: TAMO) – Tamm Oil and Gas Corp.’s business model is centered on identification, acquisition, and development of oil sands and natural gas in Alberta, Canada.

Canadian oil penny stocks are common because a lot of small companies, known as juniors in the oil and natural gas industry, get involved in prospecting and development of oil and natural gas assets.  Occasionally, one of these junior companies makes a big find, which gets the major companies in the industry interested in buying them out or partnering with them, which sends their stocks soaring.

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